Abstract for:A reviewing tool for innovations in coastal care

Within The Netherlands a System Dynamics approach is used by the Dutch Minsitry of Infrastructure for reviewing proposed innovations regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the coastal line. A big challenge is to make this process more sustainable (e.g. CO2 reduction by 80% in comparison with the cuurrent way of maintenance and upkeep). Also a lot of stakeholders are involved (i.e. governmental authorities, regional and local authorities, the public (tourism), leisure time businesses, flora and fauna associatons, etc.).

In close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure the Dutch knowlegde institute on watermanagement Deltares and Copernicos Group, change agents in asset management are developping this application of System Dynamics.

On a poster and in a poster session (presentation) we would like to inform the Conference members this work in progress and share thoughts about this approach.