Abstract for:Delivering Critical Projects & Programs

Development projects are the lifeblood of many organizations.  This is true not only for ‘‘project-based’’ organizations such as civil construction, shipbuilding, or aerospace companies, but also for companies that depend on a flow of new products and services to remain competitive, such as companies in the automotive, electronics, and software industries.  Delivering new products and services on time and within budget increasingly determines success or failure of organizations.

PA Aerospace and Defense was one of the first commercial practitioners to apply System Dynamics methods to analyze business challenges.  Our biggest area of practice is in large project management.  We have consulted on over 200 major design and build projects, many facing large integration challenges and often involving multiple contractors.  We have analyzed projects from tens of millions to over one hundred billion dollars in size.  Industries where we have applied our approach include ship building, aerospace design and development, software development, automobile manufacturing, and construction.

This presentation will focus on recent Navy program where we worked with the program office to identify opportunities to improve outcomes for government and industry on ship construction.