Abstract for:Exploring the potential of development of Information Technology industry in a South African city

Information Technology (IT) industry have come to the forefront for economic development of a number of cities in developing countries such as India and China. Looking at the success of IT industry in these countries, an argument has emerged that development of such industry in South African cities can revitalise their economy. Therefore, using the case study of a largely service oriented city Bloemfontein, the study examined the potential of the IT industry in the cities of South Africa. A survey research method and System Dynamics modelling approach were used. Findings suggest that the city has the potential to emerge as an IT industrial city, however, there exist challenges with regards to infrastructure such as housing, built up space and energy and attracting the knowledge workers to the city. However, appropriate policy interventions to reinforce these infrastructures that can assist to attract the knowledge workers, will enable enhancement in the earning from the IT industry. Also, the development of IT industry will strengthen the housing and built up infrastructure for the IT industry as well as will enhance the number of knowledge workers in the city.