Abstract for:Predictive Asset Management Model - Case Study 'Bruggenmodel'

The Dutch Highway Agency ('Rijkswaterstaat') manages and maintains the dutch highway infrastructure. More than 5000 bridges and viaducts are part of this network. Those bridges are mainly build last century and the challenge for the future is how to keep them in shape while the demands are changing. It is expected that more and more projects for renewal or overhaul are needed, with a huge impact on the capacity of Rijkswaterstaat and also construction firms. Rijkswaterstaat asked Copernicos Group to create a model to get more insight in what strategies are needed to balance the need for upgrading the bridges, available capacity/capabilities, costs and impact on the primary functions and the environment. The model is in development (work in progress) but first findings can be shared. We use an action research approach: develop a generic model for bridges in their context with experts, share it in specific projects and learn from those cases. The model is already recognised by the organization as a platform to structure knowledge about bridges and their mechanisms. Together with Rijkswaterstaat we'll present first findings and also reflect on the way we develop the model as a co-development approach.