Abstract for:Analytical sociology for sociotechnical transition research: Bridging case study and system dynamics

This paper is motivated by the development in analytical sociology and sociotechnical transition research. This paper explores the potential for cross fertilization between the two that can improve current, transition research methodological practice, and provide a response to a number of criticisms on the Multi-Level Perspective on transition research. The paper proposes a retroductive transition research methodology to identify and test social mechanisms for their explanatory power in transition case studies. The methodology consists in the joint use of transition case study and system dynamics modeling and simulation. The paper discusses how the two methods are used iteratively, and how each one complements the strengths and counters the weaknesses of the other. The methodology has particular strengths and implications for the agenda of issues that research on future transitions to sustainability faces currently. It highlights the central role system dynamics can potentially play in sociotechnical transition research and community.