Abstract for:Water-Food-Energy Nexus Investigation for Human Development

We are investigating the nexus among water, food, and energy systems and their relationship(s) to human development. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the interconnectedness among these sectors and human development in order to assess the potential impacts and implications of a range of policy scenarios on the system. Considering the feedback mechanism between elements in the system, we use system dynamics modelling and simulation technique to represent system structure and capture the dynamics behavior of the system being studied. Our system model comprises five modules, namely water, food, energy, human development, and demographic. The model is purposely built to be implemented in Indonesia on a national scale. The simulation is run on a yearly basis. The model is being built therefore we present only preliminary results here. As part of the future work, once the model is fully constructed, it will be applied to assess the impact of a range of policy scenarios and implications on the water, food, and energy sectors and on human development in Indonesia.