Abstract for:A System Dynamics Model for Developing Small Towns with Characteristic Features


In 2016 the Chinese Government decided to develop small towns with characteristic features throughout the country. A notice issued in this context calls for „adherence to outstanding features“ and „prevention of thousands of towns“, so it is not possible to simply imitate successful developed small towns at home or abroad. The development of small towns with characteristic features relies on a variety of factors, involves many stakeholders and is highly complex. How to establish an optimization model of development for towns with distinctive features, complete the allocation of resources, and achieve the goal of a sustainable development of a town has become a common concern for system scientific research and specific planning. This paper combines the urban development model URBAN1 by Alfred & Graham and the investment, distribution and consumption model proposed by Block et. al and presents an integrated system dynamics model that includes capacity, population, land resources, and purchasing power. The economics of development are simulated, and different development strategies are compared through scenario analysis.

Keywords: characteristic towns, system dynamics, economic model, decision support