Abstract for:Participatory System Dynamics Simulation Modeling to Improve the Operations of Radiotherapy Department of a Public National Referral Hospital in Kenya

This paper reports on part of an ongoing project, applying Participatory Systems Dynamics Modeling (PSDM) to a cancer treatment center at National Referral Hospital in Kenya.  The study focused on the Radio Therapy Department (RTD) situated within the cancer treatment center of KNH. The RTD is characterized by large patient load and only two radiotherapy machines. KNH is the only public hospital offering radiotherapy services in the country. Efficient use of the efficient use of very limited radiotherapy resources  within the RTD would be beneficial to stakeholders.  We aimed at analyzing and getting insight into connectedness and interactions of different variables within the RTD. A comprehensive qualitative conceptual model was developed in a series of three multi-professional workshops resulting to a comprehensive Causal Loop diagram (CLD).  The team identified five balancing and two reinforcing loops. Deeper insights into the operations of the RTD were gained.  PSDM elicited interest in the team increasing ownership of the model.

The CLD will be translated into stocks and flow diagram using Stella with the ultimate goal of developing a reliable System Dynamics Simulation model as a tool for aiding decision making in the management of the RTD. This paper reports on of the causal loop diagram.