Abstract for:The Feedback Loop Delay Analysis of Socio-Economic System Based on Stock & Flow In-Tree Modeling and Simulation

 The socio-economic system is a complex system. It is of great significance to establish a new modeling theory with strong operability basing on the original modeling method in order to deal with complex system. This new modeling theory is based on the principle of effective integration between holism and reductionism, Decision Theory and Graphic Theory. It will also help carry out feedback loop delay analysis and simulation by controlling system parameters. The main idea is: each stocks has one flow  (i=1,2,...,n) with the initial value in socio-economic system. We regard  as root of a tree with branches such as , Time,auxiliary variables, controlling parameter  and constants. So the whole system has  trees according to  pairs of stock and flow. This article will introduce two modeling methods by using In-Tree Modeling Theory:(1) Tree-by-tree setting of disassociation number behavior structure test modeling method; (2) layer-by-layer adding branches behavior structure test modeling method. In-Tree Modeling Theory will effectively reduce the difficulty of the overall model simulation and improve the reliability of the model.