Abstract for:Exploring the Dynamics of Market Share in High-Tech Companies in Taiwan

A case study on market share of a high-tech signaling testing measuring instruments in Taiwan telecommunication industry is revealed. The problematic behavior is continuously decreasing market share because of project delay leading to longer time to market, while time to market (Abbrev.TTM) is the length of time it takes from a product being conceived until its being available and deliverable to customers. Longer time to market causes market share lower.The policy lever as the short-tem solution is proposed to alleviate the problem. In addition, insights learned from " average work quality" contributing to sustainable business growth in the long term are also studied. We argue market share should be taken as an index to gauge the synthetic performance of the company instead of an ultimate goal to achieve is suggested for sustainable business growth. The drivers for successful and sustainable business lies in not only the availability of the products (time to market), but also in average work quality which brings more enduring and sustainable intangible values to the company.The insights learnt from the the system dynamics approach recommends the business mangers the importance of allocation resources on product quality for sustainable and healthy organizational growth while pursing going to market faster.