Abstract for:Analysis of the Social-Ecological System of the Four Major Rivers Project and Resilience Improvement Plan with a Focus on the Ecosystem Services of the Nakdong River

In this study, the ecosystem services in the Nakdong River area resulting from the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project in Korea were analyzed. A plan is proposed to improve the resilience of ecosystem services in the region. First, this study classify ecosystem services in the Nakdong River area by provisioning, regulating, cultural, and supporting service categories and derived related variables for each category. Second, the classification of ecosystem services and the development of a causal loop diagram of the Nakdong River region and an analysis of resilience revealed that a trade-off phenomenon occurred, in which the resilience decreased for each ecosystem service category. Third, this study describes the changes in the system structure needed to manage core elements by analyzing diversity and redundancy, connectivity, slow variables and feedback to solve the problems in each ecosystem service and promote resilience centered on the resilience principle. The results of this study can provide background information for policies to adequately solve the various problems and issues in river development in national units. These findings also provide a basis for the development and restoration of rivers that can improve the resilience of ecosystem services at the national level.