Abstract for:Modelling and Simulation of Adaptation Policies for Flood Event on Land Use and Transportation Fields: The Case of Khon Kaen Area, Thailand

Climate change increases the frequency of natural disasters such as flood, sea-level rise and torrential rain.  And, the disasters deeply imposes several damages to the human activities in a city. Especially, this problem has a significant impact on land use and transportation fields. Even though mitigation measure has been applied to tackle with climate change problem, it is hard to avoid the influence of flood in a city. Thus, it is necessary to implement adaptation measures to cope with natural disasters like as flood. In this study, the impact of adaptation measures to mitigate flood damages was estimated by developing system dynamics model which are integrated land use, transport, and flood events, and then two scenarios with/without adaptation measure for flood events were simulated. As a case study, this study selected the area of Khon Kaen located in Northeast of Thailand. As the results of the simulation, VKT of cars increased when flooding occurred. The reason is that trip distance of each mode increases in length due to obstruction of the road network in the inundated areas. In addition, the result of the benefit of travel time with adaptation measures was estimated at 2,634 million THB for 20 years.