Abstract for:Structural Analysis of Urban Walking and Health Promotion : Systems Thinking Approach Focused on Korean Case

This study aimed to understand systems behavior of urban walking by analyzing a dynamic structure in Seoul, South Korea. As a systems thinking approach to urban walking, we developed a Casual Loop Diagram(CLD)  based on literature review and expert consultations.In results, the CLD included seven reinforcing loops and eight balancing loops. Reinforcing loops are: 1) social pressure to promote walking through public transportation due to air pollution and traffic congestion; 2) spreading information about good places to walk through online services; 3) increasing pedestrian safety through installation of pedestrian-only street. Balancing loops are: 1) inevitable use of vehicles due to suburbanization caused by rising house prices; 2) reduction of the frequency of going outside due to online delivery services; 3) the shop owner's complaint in the pedestrian only-street due to the decrease in the number of customers using the vehicle; 4) problems with community safety due to the reduced accessibility of fire fighting vehicles and patrol vehicles caused by pedestrian-only street.