Abstract for:Simulation of the management and disposal of Low Level Radioactive Waste in the United Kingdom

This presentation describes the application of System Dynamics to support the development of a multi-million pound business case for the disposal of low level radioactive waste. Although not currently UK policy, the model quantified potential benefits to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the UK of expanding the use of the Low Level Waste Repository to enable the early disposal of some of the radioactive waste currently identified as Intermediate Level.

The project was commissioned by the LLW Repository Ltd, who operate the national Low Level Waste Repository on behalf of the NDA. The project included the development of a stock and flow diagram of the disposal of radioactive waste in the UK; simulation of the system and analysis of potential options.

The model outputs demonstrated Value for Money in support of the LLW Repository Ltd’s Third Term Contract Option Business Case. The model was also used to quantify alternative disposal options. Although UK policy does not currently support the approach of diversion of ILW to LLWR, this work provides insights into the benefits of taking it forward. The NDA is deciding whether to peruse any of these options, and further work is required to underpin this analysis.