Abstract for:System Dynamics model as a decision support tool: Stakeholder Engagement step and MCDA

A shift towards more sustainable energy systems is challenging and requires major transformations in how energy is supplied and consumed. Although there is a general consensus about the urgent need for an energy transition, there is limited knowledge about how different stakeholders perceive sustainable development in the energy system. In this study, as a preliminary step to use a system dynamics model as a decision support tool, two methods of stakeholder analysis and Value-focused thinking are applied. Stakeholder analysis will enable us to systematically identify the stakeholders, and then classify them based on their power and interest. Then, using the Value-focused thinking, stakeholders’ values in the context of sustainable energy development will be identified and classified. Then, the decision alternatives that are necessary to accomplish those values, will be organized. The complementary step is to develop the system dynamics model that enable us to assess the decision alternatives based on the most relevant values proposed by the stakeholders.