Abstract for:Sequential exploitation, macro and micro-drivers of global fisheries expansion

Purpose: Our purposes were three-fold, first we aim to connect spread of fisheries exploitation to global exports. We then Assess micro-drivers of the fisheries expansion. Finally, we make the conceptual link between the expansion of fisheries exploitation and industry consolidation.

Methods: 1) We assess the spatial spread of both global import and export networks on the per-country scale and relate them to fisheries exploitation at regional scales 2) We use regressions on global trade networks to assess how country level characteristics (such as governance indicators) affect the formation of new trade connections. 3) We link global processes (i.e. fisheries expansion & industry consolidation) to a causal loop diagram via four micro-states in the form of a serial Colemanís boat.

Results: The rapid expansion in fisheries trade since the 1990ís was also accompanied by an increase in the connectivity between trade-partners. Although the amount of trade partners has grown, the traded volume has remained relatively stable. The increasing industry consolidation we observe at the global level can be visualized easily using a Colemanís boat approach.