Abstract for:The impact of migration on the economic stability in Ukraine

Based on the formulated theories of migration, results obtained earlier and new data, a system dynamic model of the process of external migration flows in Ukraine will be created. According to the defined structure, the project will be implemented in three stages. The first stage will be devoted to the formation of a concept for assessing and modeling the impact of key factors that influence the increase of migration flows in Ukraine. The second stage will provide a specification of the simulation model for the reproduction of the dynamic process of external migration flows in Ukraine, its verification of the adequacy of the reproduction of complex nonlinear dynamic relationships inherent in the economic system of Ukraine and the labor market. In the third stage, the developed model will be used to assess the sensitivity of migration processes to changes in the labor market, as well as to conduct a comprehensive scenario analysis of the definition of effective instruments of state regulation of migration processes in Ukraine, which will provide the possibility of forming a long-term and medium-term state program aimed at overcoming structural imbalances in the market labor, and raising the socio-economic security of the state.