Abstract for:The case of Arctic char land based aquaculture production in Iceland

This paper presents a work in progress with the objective of constructing a system dynamics model of the Arctic char industry in Iceland in an effort to identify policy interventions that can enhance its competitiveness. The modelling effort is based on the idea that a food system, composed of primary production, processing, retailing and consumption, can be thought of as an integration of supply-, value- and decision chains. This research effort forms a part of the ongoing Horizon 2020 project, VALUMICS, on food supply networks. In line with the objectives of the VALUMICS project, the aim is to further use the integrated mental model as a foundation for a simulation model that can be used to identify policy intervention opportunities, specifically focusing on the resilience, integrity and sustainability of food supply networks. Any policy intervention will need to take into consideration both the profit driven nature of a food system as well as the balancing effects of market dynamics and the limiting factors of environmental impact and regulations. A preliminary CLD of Arctic char farming is presented.