Abstract for:Dynamic of Transparency in Open Government Data Ecosystems

In recent years, different governments around the world are formulating and implementing policies and strategies in order to favor Open Government Data programs (OGD). In fact, with this policies it is expected to generate a series of potential benefits as greater transparency and accountability, among others.

Despite of there are some positive impacts of the opening of data, the reality is that there are difficulties to achieve the expected potential benefits. For example for the transparency case, that can be defined as the availability of information about an organization or actor that allows others to monitor the internal work and results of the organization, it is recognized that the world average level is low.

The lack of understanding of the dynamic complexity inherent in the OGD programs is one of the reasons why it is difficult to effectively achieve the expected potential benefits such as transparency.

To facilitate the formulation of policies and strategies that are appropriate to improve the transparency, we propose that the modeling and simulation of an OGD ecosystem with emphasis on the dynamics that is  develop over time, can expand our understanding of the processes, activities, factors and interactions that affect or enable transparency in such ecosystems.