Abstract for:Modeling of Beliefs-Attitudes-Behavior

Beliefs, Attitudes and Behavior have for many decades been key issues in the Social Sciences; however,  some questions are still not well-understood.   The concepts and methods of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics can be of help in understanding them.

This paper (and the work in progress) sets up and examines models for several basic questions – including how one can represent belief and attitude formation and change, the processes involved when there are  competing beliefs, and the effects of interactions and  feedbacks involving multiple beliefs and behavior.  It stresses the use of qualitative methods for obtaining insight into socio-political / psychological issues / problems. 

Effects of belief and attitude changes, competing beliefs, and feedbacks involving beliefs, attitudes and behavior are evaluated and discussed.   Examples being modeled  here include business and political situations.

The results of the SD calculations here should be interpreted in terms of qualitative effects such as trends, rather than as numbers.