Abstract for:Towards Condition Based Maintenance for Electro Mechanical Components

For the maintenance of electro mechanical components (EMCs), mean time between unscheduled removals (MTBUR) is a key performance indicator. Airline operators ask for an annual improvement on MTBUR, while our client, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of EMCs, also wants to outperform by providing longer MTBUR. To achieve this goal, one way is to promote condition based maintenance (CBM) so that an EMC will be removed when its condition reaches a certain limit (detected by condition monitoring techniques). Such limit is before an unscheduled removal, so less EMCs will experience the unscheduled removal. Even for EMCs experiencing an unscheduled removal, MTBUR will become longer. The purpose of this research is to elaborate and evaluate different scenarios towards CBM for EMCs. Through system dynamics modelling, we will clearly show the performance improvements for each scenario and give corresponding policy suggestions.