Abstract for:Modelling Behavioral Impacts: The Case of Publishing School League Tables

The notion of choice is the fundamental in improving the public sector services through the market mechanism. Thus, this paper studies the decision-making process which is the underpinning of school marketisation, by analysing the process of information reflection, investigation and consideration of parents. The demand side of the education markets are emphasised here, suggesting that the key influences in shaping the market are the processes associated with the parents as choice makers. Parents are supported by information from newspaper, local information and advice, and school leagues tables to guide them into making a choice for their children. In the market environment, competition between schools is encouraged to raise the educational performance. This paper explores how various factors affect decision-making behaviour of parents by creating simulation models. Data gathered from the literature survey and semi-structured interviews using a case study research methodology are used to develop this simulation model. This model gives a clear, holistic view on how information influences choice. The holistic view of this system might be useful to identify the causes of problem associated with the school choice. Conclusions drawn from the model can be used by the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland or the education