Abstract for:Shock therapy: Teaching supply chain dynamics to a non-SD audience in SCM

The bulk of what is taught in the field of supply chain management deals with relatively small changes: 10-30% change in overall demand or capacity is considered massive. However, the new economicreality is one of massive changes, of demand shocks, grey swan events and supply chain tsunamis that lead to 100-1000% more demand. Students need to learn how companies can deal with these types of disruptive changes in their supply chains. However, this major change of content also asks for major changes in course content. Real-world cases of such events are of paramount importance, since these events are often unique, or happen only once every decade. Interviews with real managers dealing with such events illustrate the real-world urgency and magnitude of the challenges. System Dynamics simulation models that can be "played" without deep prior knowledge of SD model buidling are essential to bring the key systemic messages home to mainstream SCM students. Creating a modular Do-It-Yourself structure where the course content is split up in many (200+) small video clips fits well with such an experiential educational set-up.  This presentation describes how the author teaches Supply Chain Dynamics on the basis of these maxims, discusses pros and cons of the design