Conference Record
The 2022 System Dynamics Conference - Frankfurt Germany

July 19-22 2022

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Aboah, Joshua*   A Systems Thinking Approach to Understanding the Drivers of Change in Backyard Poultry Farming System   Abstract

Abroshan, Hamid with Tone Wisnes, Daniel Michelsen, Amal Kishta* and Nora Krasniqi   Water Management to Improve Resilience of Food Production: System Dynamics Approach for Greater Adelaide   Abstract

Abroshan, Hamid with Pegah Shaffaf* and Parsa Arbabi   When is the right time for Norway to start taxing electric vehicles through 2050?   Abstract

Akhavan, Ali* with Paulo Goncalves   Is punishment always effective? Evidence from an experimental study   Abstract Supporting

Andreasson, Edvin* with Jefferson K. Rajah   Eroding Public Services: Modelling the Rise of the American Legislative Exchange Council in the United States Legislatures   Abstract Paper Supporting

Andreeva, Mariya* with Paulo Goncalves   The effect of capability building and capability erosion delays on learning in dynamic environments   Abstract

Andruetto, Claudia* with Erik Stenemo and Anna Pernestål   Exploring city hubs by using a qualitative system dynamics approach   Abstract Supporting

Ansah, John*   Modeling the Chronic Disease Burden Among the Adult Population in the United States   Abstract

Arango, Santiago*   Renewable energy sources: diversity of impacts, perspectives and challenges   Abstract

Araujo, Francisco*   Circularity policies in Plastic Dynamics, a case for Indonesia   Abstract Supporting

Araujo, Francisco* with Bertha Baez   Effects of human intervention in the Brazilian Amazon   Abstract Supporting

Armenia, Stefano with Federico Barnabè*, Sarfraz Nazir and Alessandro Pompei   Learning to face project management dynamics through System Dynamics-based games: the Project Management Board Game   Abstract

Ayinde, Abdullahi*   Sustainable Energy Modelling for the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria   Abstract Supporting

Baaoum, Mohammed* with Niyousha Hosseinichimeh and Sultanah Al-Shammari   Modeling Epidemic During the Global Mass Gathering of the Hajj Pilgrimage to Assess Strategies to Minimize Health Risks   Abstract

Babaei Shalmani, Kian* with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   Why is college tuition rising? Modelling competing strategies in higher education    Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Bakken, Bjorn*   Deep Learning at the Edge of Chaos: AI-driven development of SD simulations to train decision making in crisis management   Abstract  Link from authors

Bakken, Bjorn* with Inger Lund-Kordahl and Ina Sandberg   Pairing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with System Dynamics (SD) Modeling to Improve Crisis Management Training   Abstract  Link from authors

Bal, Elif* with Ali Saysel   A Multiplayer Simulation Gaming for Sustainable Groundwater Irrigation   Abstract

Bal, Elif* with Feyyaz Senturk and Mehmet Can Tunca   Modelling A Rebound Effect of Efficient Irrigation Methods on Water Consumption: A Focus on Konya Closed Basin in Turkey   Abstract Supporting

Barclay, Nicole* with N. Gizem Bacaksizlar Turbic   Modeling the Impact of Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Improving Water Quality in Urban Streams   Abstract

Battle-Fisher, Michele*   My system is not your system- Lesson on racism for System Dynamics with a path forward   Abstract

Bax, Ismay*   Perfectionism, self-worth and choice.   Abstract Paper Supporting

Beirne, Grace* with Catherine Decouttere and Nico Vandaele   The Impact of Early Decisions in Antiviral Drug Development on the Broader Health System   Abstract

Bleijenbergh, Inge*   Gender and Ethnic pay inequality in academia: a formal system dynamics model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Brentnall, Stuart with Danielle Currie*, Stephen Vernon and Gemma Figtree   Improving the primary prevention of coronary artery disease in Australia: modelling the effect of a novel predictor   Abstract

Brown, Stephan* with Dan Warner   Assessing a value-based payment arrangement in PA HealthChoices using SD modeling   Abstract  Link from authors

Bruce Matchar, David*   Turning Sentiment into Action: The role of System Dynamics in Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control in Cambodia    Abstract

Bugalia, Nikhil* with Rohit Dasari   A System Dynamics model for identifying stakeholder coordination strategies for managing PPPs in High-Speed Railway   Abstract Paper

Bugalia, Nikhil* with Yu Maemura   System dynamics study of interactions between interpersonal bonding and reporting culture for High-Speed Railway organizations   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Can Tunca, Mehmet* with Ali Saysel   A dynamic model for salinity and sodicity management on agricultural lands: interactive simulation approach   Abstract Paper

Carpenzano, Alessandro* with Stefano Armenia   Hybrid factories: the role of system dynamics in the transition toward industry 4.0 in the manufactural in-dustries   Abstract

Castelblanco, Gabriel* with Alberto De Marco, Giulio Mangano and Giovanni Zenezini   The Unexplored Loop in Public-Private Partnerships: The implications of “Reconcession” in National PPP Programs   Abstract Supporting

Ceylan Alibeyoglu, Meltem with Gaye Ceyhan, Sena Yildiz Degirmenci*, Nihal Gunes Demir and Büşra Karga   An Educational Program Design: Environmental Education with Systems Thinking and the World Climate Game Project   Abstract Supporting

Chae, Yeon with Moonseo Park, Ryan Changbum Ahn, Seongeun Park, Wooryang Jeong* and Inseok Yoon   A System Dynamics Approach to Modeling Safety Management for Mega Construction Projects   Abstract Supporting

Chalise, Nishesh*   Effectively Deploying Emergency rental assistance (ERA) to avoid evictions   Abstract

Charlot, Diepvens* with Donovan Guttieres, Nico Vandaele and Catherine Decouttere   Understanding the Dynamics of Purchase Agreements During a Pandemic and its Impact on Vaccine Coverage   Abstract

Chung, Saras*   How To Reduce Inequality Using System Dynamics   Abstract

Clancy, Timothy* with Oleg Pavlov and Khalid Saeed   Root Causes of Violent Radicalization: The Terror Contagion Hypothesis   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Clancy, Timothy with Raafat Zaini*   Towards Reconciling a Unified Structural Hierarchy between System Dynamics and Systems Thinking    Abstract

Clancy, Timothy*   Expanding our Causal Vocabulary: Integrating Causal Hierarchy, Directionality, and Type into our Language of System Dynamics    Abstract

Clancy, Timothy with Saeed Langarudi and Raafat Zaini*   Never the Strongest: Reconciling the Four Schools of Thought in System Dynamics in the Debate on Quality   Abstract

Claypool, Anneke with Catherine DiGennaro*, W. Alton Russell, Melike F. Yildirim, Zuri Reid, Alan Zhang, Erin Stringfellow and Mohammad Jalali   Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions to Increase Buprenorphine Treatment Capacity, Initiation, and Duration: A Modeling Analysis   Abstract

Contor, Henri with Kristine Heimdal* and Knut Mortveit Ognøy   A Hypothetical Chinese Energy Transition Policy and an Exploration of the Potential Implementation Obstacles    Abstract Supporting

Cruden, Gracelyn* with Wayne Wakeland and Lisa Saldana   Facilitating Clinicians’ Learning About How to Spend Their Time to Avoid Burnout and Maintain Clinic Fiscal Solvency   Abstract Supporting

Cunha, Luiza* with Adriana Leiras and Paulo Goncalves   Challenges to Scale-up Migration-related Humanitarian Operations   Abstract

Cunha, Luiza* with Adriana Leiras and Paulo Goncalves   Looking Back and Beyond the Complex Dynamics of Humanitarian Operations   Abstract

Currie, Danielle* with Eileen Goldberg and Cindy Peng   Modelling the dynamics of suicide prevention – the role, reach and impact of a mental health system response    Abstract

Daniel Cabrera Cruz, Jose with Martha Lucía Orellana Hernández, Olga Janeth Rodriguez Rodriguez and Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia*   Guidance on the appropriation of SD models in decision making on STI in the agricultural sector of Santander (Colombia)   Abstract

De la Vega, Eduardo*   Colombian's Adolescents Violence Exposure and Safe Spaces Simulation Model   Abstract  Link from authors

de Witt, Magnus*   Opportunities of a Low Carbon Level Electricity Generation in Remote Arctic Communities   Abstract

De Zubiria Arango, Juana* with Camila Ochoa and Ramon Leon   System Dynamics to Assess Transmission Expansion in the Colombian Electricity System   Abstract

Decker, Hallie*   Community-Based System Dynamics and Group Model Building Application to Public Health: A Systematic Review    Abstract

Dehdarian, Amin*   System Dynamics modeling to set effective gender targets   Abstract

Dehdarian, Amin*   A multi-method approach to develop dynamic hypotheses for systemic challenges in the Swiss freight transport system    Abstract  Link from authors

Dehdarian, Amin* with Kiumars Dorani, Hesam Mahmoudi and Masoomeh Khandan   What Systems Thinking Means to Different Networks of Researchers   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Dembetembe, Gift* with Lize Duminy   Sustainable Development in the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Industry: An Organizational Level Perspective   Abstract

Dess, Gregory with Usman Ghani*   Diversity Dynamics--Extensive Inclusiveness   Abstract

Deutsch, Arielle* with Mohammad Jalali   Representing lifetime drinking pattern diversity in a quantitative model of alcohol use: a literature-informed approach.   Abstract

Deval, Rishav* with Jayendran Venkateswaran   Production and Inventory Control System Dynamics under Emission Feedback   Abstract Paper Supporting

Di Giacomantonio, Jacopo* with Anna Corinna Cagliano and Fabio Guido Mario Salassa   System Dynamics Simulation of the Effects of the DDMRP Implementation.   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Diawati, Lucia with Ghaida Mubiena*   Development of an Assessment Simulator and Directions for Improvement of Green Supply Chain Management Readiness Levels.   Abstract Supporting

Dirk, Cherie* with Birgit Kopainsky   Grounding participatory systems approaches in multi-stakeholder collaboration in landscapes for enhancing equity and resilience   Abstract

Du Plooy, Corne*   Failing Diversity Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Du Plooy, Corne*   Math to Meaning   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dula, Ivan* with Andreas Groessler   Using the Beer Game for more than education and inventory management research   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eberlein, Bob* with John Ansah, Rebecca Niles, Sara Metcalf and John Sterman   What can we learn from that? Recognizing the contributions of practitioners, researchers, and champions we have recently lost.   Abstract Paper

Eker, Sibel* with Charlie Wilson   Social tipping mechanisms for rapid decarbonization   Abstract

Eskinasi, Martijn*   Housing Crisis Challenges for Advanced System Dynamics Students   Abstract

Evbuoma-Fike, Ebuwa*   Reducing Childhood Agricultural Injuries in the United States: Policy Analysis    Abstract Supporting

Fazeli, Reza*, Fiona J. Beck and Matt Stocks   Understanding the risk of stranded assets for blue hydrogen production plants   Abstract Paper

Feldman, Batman (Evan)* with Hazhir Rahmandad   The economic impact of covid-19 on the us labor market   Abstract Supporting

Figas-Skrzypulec, Justyna with Wiktoria Zatoń*   Supporting the Just Transition in Rybnik, Poland   Abstract Supporting

Fisher, Diana*   Creating a Model-Building Lesson on Global Warming & Potable Water Availability for a High School Science Class   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fisher, Will*   Teaching the tragedy of open access: a classroom exercise on governing the commons   Abstract

Forrester-Bowling, Tari*   Co-creating systemic solutions to mental health care with people with lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery   Abstract  Link from authors

Franco, Maria* with Stefan Groesser   Difussion dynamics of 2nd life PV in Germany – Strengthening circularity in the solar industry    Abstract

Gaalaas Mullaney, Emma* with Laura Schmitt Olabisi   Ethnography and Epistemological Uncertainty: An Integrative Methdology for Modeling Complex System Dynamics   Abstract

Gadewadikar, Jyotirmay* with Jeremy Marshall   AI-Driven System Simulation   Abstract

Ganguli, Nilanjana*   Identifying gender-specific variables of climate change-related health impacts in the Lake Chilwa basin in Malawi.   Abstract

Gary, Shayne*   Presidential Address   Abstract Paper

Gillani, Braveheart* with Peter Hovmand   Gender-Affirming Care surgery units development   Abstract

Gkini, Christina* with Jefferson K. Rajah, Anaely Aguiar Rodriguez and Birgit Kopainsky   Integrating Diverse Perspectives: Meaning-Making Process in Participatory System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Glucksman, Maurice*   Value of Anticipating Chaotic Post Pandemic Surges and Collapses of Depression in London Neighbourhoods   Abstract Paper

Goetz, Paula*   Resilient Supply Strategies during Pandemics: An Exploratory System Dynamics Model   Abstract Supporting

Gokcen Uner, Dilara* with Mehtap Ozbayraktar   Modeling the Change of Rural Housing Morphology   Abstract

Golinucci, Nicolò* with Francesco Tonini, Marta Simonotti, Giorgia Rovellini, Matteo Vincenzo Rocco and Emanuela Colombo   Modeling an individual market-based carbon emission reduction mechanism within the Italian private transport sector    Abstract Supporting

Goncalves, Paulo with Raquel Froese Buzogany*   Humanitarian Organizations and Common-Pool Resources: An Empirical Analysis   Abstract

Goncalves, Paulo*   Gonçalves - Discussant for Plenary Talk "Learning Economics with Dynamic Modeling in Ukraine, in Collaboration with Norway"   Abstract

Greer, Don*   Assessing the impact of Rapid City Collective Impact five years later   Abstract Paper

Gül, Nezihe Nazlı* with Yaman Barlas   Modeling the Dynamic Biological Mechanisms and Interactions Underlying Parkinson’s Disease    Abstract

Gupta, Aakriti* with Inakshi Kar and Rahul Kumar Roy   Managing emerging waves in a pandemic: A Systems modelling-based study   Abstract Supporting

Gurgur, Cigdem*   Security and Stability: Blockchain Applications for Enhancing Cybersecurity and Building Supply Chain Resilience   Abstract

Gurgur, Cigdem*   A Cross-Disciplinary Computational Framework for Hybrid Simulation and Modeling   Abstract

Gürsan, Cem* with Vincent de Gooyert, Etiënne Rouwette, Mark de Bruijne and Jonan Raaijmakers   Infrastructure interdependencies in urban sustainability transitions: a case study of Rotterdam’s heat network   Abstract

Guz, Sanser* with Gönenç Yücel and Özge Karanfil   Dynamic Analysis of Public Health Insurance Programmes   Abstract Paper

Guzman-Abello, Laura* with Felipe Díaz and Juan Berdugo   Student desertion: bringing young people to the conversation through participatory modeling    Abstract Supporting

Guzzo, Daniel* with Eduardo Franco and Daniela Pigosso   Balancing benefits and risks of product-service system offerings: A case study in manufacturing   Abstract Paper Supporting

Guzzo, Daniel* with Bob Walrave and Daniela Pigosso   A causal conceptual framework on rebound effects   Abstract

Halbe, Johannes* with Marie Eißing and Benjamin Doerrenbacher   Vision modeling and assessment using system dynamics   Abstract

Halbe, Johannes* with Hannes Wender   Vision Modeling and Assessment Using System Dynamics - Application to a Sustainable Logistics Vision   Abstract

Haque, Sumaiya with Hesam Mahmoudi*, Navid Ghaffarzadegan and Kostas Triantis   How analyzing mental maps fail   Abstract

Hasgul, Zeynep* with Gönenç Yücel   Dynamics of Long-Term Essential Hypertension and Pharmacotherapy Options   Abstract

Hasgul, Zeynep* with Elizabeth Beaulieu, Ashley Roes and Mohammad Jalali   Dynamics of Health-Related Quality of Life in Cancer Immunotherapy   Abstract

Hassan, Kude*   A growth and underinvestment model with application to the deployment of Ultrafast broadband Networks and Services.   Abstract Supporting

Headen, Irene* with Melanie Houston and Lawryn Fowler   System Dynamics to Develop Sustainable Investment Approaches for Black-led Maternal Health Community-based Organizations   Abstract

Headen, Irene*   Headen - Discussant for Plenary "How to Mainstream Diversity"   Abstract

Hempel, Manuel*   BeeWare! A honeybee colony model - Exploring the mechanisms of early spring colony collapse    Abstract Supporting

Herrera, Hugo*   Tipping the scales: using microworlds to uncover systemic issues driving organisation's gender pay gap.   Abstract

Hesham Selim, Mahmoud* with Etiënne Rouwette, Hubert Korzilius, Susan Howick, Marcel Olde Rikkert and Rene Melis   An integrated approach of system dynamics modeling and machine learning   Abstract

Hess, Carolin*   A Question of Trust: How Services Fail Women Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage   Abstract

Homer, Jack*   Can good government save us? Extending a climate-population model to include governance and its effects   Abstract

Hosseinichimeh, Niyousha* with Ross Williams and Rod MacDonald and David Andersen   Modeling Drinking and Driving Behaviors of Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States from 1982 to 2019   Abstract

Houston, Melanie* with Irene Headen   Opportunities to Improve Approaches to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion    Abstract Paper

Hu, Bo* with Michael Woywadt and Holger Krischen   Model-based Nowcasting   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Irsoy, Orkun* with Yaman Barlas   Dynamic Analysis of False Information Spread Over Social Media: 5G-COVID 19 Conspiracy Theory   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ismail, Sharif* with Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel, Aya Noubani, Fouad Fouad, Sadie Bell, Karl Blanchet and Josephine Borghi   Vaccination delivery system responses to compound shocks: multi-level pathways influencing system resilience in Lebanon   Abstract

Jadeja, Nidhee*   Addressing systems influences on infection prevention for hospitalised neonates in Botswana.   Abstract

Jakuja, Teboho*   Using System Dynamics to Simulate Biochemical Reactions for Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant   Abstract

Jittrapirom, Peraphan*   Using Group model Building to evaluate shared micro-mobility services in Bangkok, Thailand   Abstract

Kaetsu, Patricia* with Flavio Hourneaux Jr and Stelvia Matos   The Dynamics of Sustainability Paradoxes: A study of a non-timber forest production   Abstract Supporting

Kahkoska, Anna* with Cambray Smith, Laura Young and Kristen Hassmiller Lich   Using Group Model Building to Characterize Lived Experiences and Technology Use Patterns of Older Adults with Type 1 Diabetes   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kaminskyi, Andrii with Oleksii Petrovskyi*   Consumer Lending System Modeling   Abstract Supporting

Kandemir, Burak*   Analysing the Impact of Forecasting and Demand Patterns in Supply Chains   Abstract Paper Supporting

Karapici, Amanda* with Steven Cummins   Modelling the urban neighbourhood food retail environment for policy analysis and intervention.   Abstract Paper

Karhu, Kimmo* with Jani-Pekka Jokinen   Estimating the Cross-side Network Effect for Two-sided Platforms - Cases Apple iOS and Wikipedia   Abstract

Kastens, Kim* with Thomas F. Shipley, Rebekah Banerjee, Alexandra Davatzes and Logan D. Brenner   An instrument to quantify how well students can recognize feedback loops in narratives and its use for evaluating curricula    Abstract

Kayendeke, Ellen* with Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Frank Kansiime and David Mfitumukiza   Participatory Modeling of the Linkages Between Agricultural Productivity and Wetland Management in Iganga District, Uganda   Abstract

Keenan, Megan* with Ediane Santana de Lima   Integrated Avenues to Systems Change   Abstract

Kehinde, Bababode*   Recent advances in the food waste valorization for purification of nutraceuticals of potential health benefits   Abstract

Kerti, Kornelia with Inge Bleijenbergh*, Brigitte Kroon, Charissa Freese and Marloes van Engen   Improving migrant workers’ quality of working conditions: A qualitative systems dynamics model based on a systematic review   Abstract  Link from authors

Kleemann, Max* with Kaveh Dianati and Matteo Pedercini   Elasticity formulations: theory and practice in System Dynamics    Abstract Paper Supporting

Kliem, Daniel* with Katrin Huegel and Birgit Kopainsky   Social learning through virtual experimentation - Participatory modeling in transition processes   Abstract

Kopainsky, Birgit* with Florian Kapmeier   No milk without meat: Dynamic implications of the biological link between milk & bovine meat production on nutrition guidelines   Abstract Supporting

Krishna, Anika*   The Effects of Intergenerational Trauma on Mental Health   Abstract

Ksouri-Gerwien, Christoph*   Systemic Business Model Innovation: Developing a method to innovate B2B business models using System Dynamics modelling   Abstract Supporting

Kubli, Merla*   Co-creating Energy Solutions   Abstract Paper

Kuijer, Michel with Arjen Ros*   Transition to sustainable physical assets   Abstract

Kuijer, Michel* with Arjen Ros   Life Cycle management of physical assets   Abstract

Kumar K V, Pradeesh*   Role of Stock constraint in single-stock single-inflow two-outflow System Dynamics model structures   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Kumar, Ashish with Wei Xuan Lai, Shilpa Surendran, Yeuk Fan Ng, John Ansah and David Bruce Matchar*   A Causal View of the Role and Potential Limitations of Capitation in Promoting Whole Health System Performance   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kunte, Shreenivas* with Om Damani   Modelling India’s Schooling Progress   Abstract Supporting

Lane, David*   On the anniversary of ‘Industrial Dynamics’   Abstract Paper

Langarudi, Saeed* with Sajid Noor and Kyle Eagar   Closed and Open Loop Oil Taxation Policies in New Mexico   Abstract

Lee, Carmen Y.J.* with Victoria Ward, Safa Abdalla, Kala M. Mehta, Suzan Carmichael, Manoj Kumar Singh, Suman Das, Kunal Ranjan, Tanmay Mahapatra, Gary Darmstadt   Understanding Causal Pathways to Disparities in Institutional Delivery Rates Among Primiparous and Multiparous Marginalized Wom   Abstract Supporting

Leow, Min Chon* with Yuxin Tang, William Ming, Mandy, Shi Qi Koh and Elizabeth Ling Lee Ong   Learnings for Singapore: The Polarisation of Politics in the USA   Abstract

Levey, Elliott* with Si Cheng and Jeff Trailer   An Application of Teaching Management Consulting with System Dynamics    Abstract Supporting

Liu, NingYuan* with Hesam Mahmoudi, Kostas Triantis and Bart Roets   Modelling the dynamics of mental workload and fatigue in safety-critical monitoring roles   Abstract

Loo, Pei Shan*   Cholera response model: Yemen Al-Hudaydah   Abstract Supporting

Lopez, Jesica*   Land use dynamics in the northern Colombian Amazon: the case of the arc of deforestation and cattle ranching.   Abstract Supporting

Luis Lopez, Jose*   Platform Dynamics: A Conceptual Model of Differences Between B2B and B2C   Abstract

Maftouni, Maede* with Zhenyu Kong and Navid Ghaffarzadegan   Deep Learning for System Dynamics Parameter Calibration   Abstract

Mahmoudi, Hesam* with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   Experts learn to disagree—and that’s not a bad thing   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard*   Modeling supply, demand, and elasticity   Abstract

Maleki, Mohammad* with Janille Smith-Colin   Modelling the Impacts of a “Free-ride” Micro-transit program on Social Determinants of Health in Holmes County.   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Manning, Suzanne*   Recognising systemic gender bias: Career advancement case study in a science team   Abstract

Marcal, Katherine* with Patrick Fowler, Braveheart Gillani and Meagan Ray-Novak   Hidden Youth Homelessness: Addressing Administrative Data Limitations Using Qualitative System Dynamics   Abstract Supporting

Marcuzzo, Rafael* and Mauricio Uriona Maldonado   Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaics Across the Brazilian Residential Sector: A Systems Modeling Approach   Abstract

Maria, Tresa* with Deepak C, Sayli Shiradkar, Jayendran Venkateswaran and Praveen Kumar   A CBSD Study to understand stacking of solar induction and LPG cookstoves along with traditional biomass cookstoves   Abstract Paper

Martinez Jaramillo, Juan Esteban*   Facing Climate Change: Does Switzerland Have Enough Water?   Abstract

Maurer, Julie*   Effective self-directed learning activities for master’s in Public Administration policy simulation and modeling curriculum   Abstract

McCarthy, Megan with Jai Clifford-Holmes* and Josephine Kaviti Musango   Systemic analysis of the management of Invasive Alien Plants in the Tsitsa River catchment   Abstract Supporting

Metic, Julija* with Daniel Guzzo and Daniela Pigosso   Causal loop modelling of Rebound Effects Mechanisms in product-service systems: the case of clothing rental   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Mirabile, Mariana with Martin Breda Grimeland* and Martijn Eskinasi   Exploring policy options for sustainable transport through system archetype analysis.    Abstract

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi*   Misperception of Dynamic Complexity as a Potential Threat to Sustainable Groundwater Management   Abstract

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Wang Zhao*   Failure of the Health Transformation Plan in Iran: How much has the Fee-for-Service payment system been to blame?   Abstract

Morrison, J. Bradley* with Lori Berkowitz and Rebecca Minehart   Residency Program Cultures: Dynamic Interactions Shape Learning Outcomes   Abstract

Moumouni, Yacouba*   Calibrating an Energy Planning Model for Niger: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mumtaz, Nabeela* with Jim Duggan   Calibrating SEIR Epidemic Model: Exploring estimates of the reproduction number for seasonal influenza in Ireland   Abstract

Mumtaz, Nabeela* with Jim Duggan   Modeling the Impact of Vaccine Supply Chain on Seasonal Infectious Disease   Abstract Paper

Mupfumira, Portia*   Development of Hybrid Smart Energy Distribution Decision Support Model: Case of Zimbabwe   Abstract Supporting

Musango, Josephine Kaviti*   The value of qualitative system dynamics for co-learning about energy transitions and gender mainstreaming   Abstract

Nabong, Emily* with Aaron Opdyke and Jeffrey Walters   Climate migration system causal loop diagramming using the mental models of experts    Abstract Supporting

Nathalie, Spittler*   Modelling synergies and trade-offs between SDG13 and other SDGs in Austria   Abstract

Naugle, Asmeret* and Stephen Verzi   Trust-informed influence: Opinion dynamics in systems with enduring relationships   Abstract

Ncube, Collette*   Ncube - Discussant for plenary "How to Mainstream Diversity"   Abstract

Ndebele, Nhlanhla*   A Country-ownership Programme and the Quest for Systems Thinking and Application: The essence of Multilateral Lending   Abstract  Link from authors

Nicolas, Roussignol*   Rethinking the business model concept in the anthropocene era: proposal for a systemic approach to the business model   Abstract

Niles, Rebecca* with Kristina Wile   Collaborative Mapping for High Growth Company Strategy   Abstract

Ntonyane, Lungile*   The Impact of the Ash Handling Plant Failures on Ash Hopper Levels and Boiler Load Loss   Abstract

Ntsoane, Mapule*   Dam Level Management During Electricity Production   Abstract

Oikonomou, Eleni* with Tadj Oreszczyn, Michael Davies and Nici Zimmermann   Conceptualising the drivers influencing domestic heat pump performance in the UK through systems thinking   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ono, Takuma* with Ivan Taylor   A Systems Dynamics Tool to Assist in Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals   Abstract

Ono, Takuma*   Deinstitutionalization and the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act   Abstract Supporting

Paine, James*   Behaviorally Grounded Model-Based and Model Free Cost Reduction in a Simulated Multi-Echelon Supply Chain   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Paine, James*   Applying an Endogenized PID Controller Design to Speculative Bubble Formation   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Parker, Yumna with Josephine Kaviti Musango*   Understanding household energy-water urban nexus metabolism in Cape Town   Abstract

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick* with Martha Lizette Massey Galvis   Systems Dynamics to Promote Problem Solving and Creativity in a Primary School in Colombia   Abstract Supporting

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick* with Ivan Taylor   Promoting Science and Creativity Skills in Colombia: Applying System Dynamics for Learning and Strategy    Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick* with Ivan Taylor   Participatory Modeling Based on System Dynamics to Promote Cooperation Among Stakeholders, Institutions, and Citizens for Promo   Abstract

Pavlov, Oleg* with Evangelos Katsamakas   A Feedback Explanation of Tuition Inflation   Abstract

Piovan, Thiago with Vinicius Picanco Rodrigues* and Andre Duarte   Exploring the Effects of Infrastructure Policies on Availability and Accessibility of Fresh Food in Brazilian Favelas   Abstract

Pluchinotta, Irene* with Ke Zhou and Nici Zimmermann   Dealing with soft variables and data scarcity: lessons learnt from the quantification in a participatory System Dynamics modell   Abstract

Pluchinotta, Irene* with Ke Zhou, Giuseppe Salvia, Gemma Moore and Nici Zimmermann   Grounding simulation models in a participatory process: a case study of use of urban natural space in Thamesmead, London   Abstract Paper

Poletaeva, Olga*   Marathons and Sprints: Insights from Institutionalising System Dynamics Practice   Abstract Paper

Pritchard, Sarah* with Karina Marin, Ronni Byrth, Renee Parks, Karishma Furtado, Tess Eckert and Olivia Borland   Using Community Based System Dynamics to Address Structural Racism within a Public Health Research Center   Abstract  Link from authors

Pritchard, Sarah* with Simon Cozzens, Ebuwa Evbuoma-Fike, Clarissa Gaona Romero and Stephanie Mazzucca   Using Group Model Building to Develop a Shared Mental Model of Community Gardening in Rural Missouri   Abstract Paper

Qian, Ying*   Which matters more in fighting COVID-19—government policy or community participation?   Abstract

Qorbani, Davood*   Exploitees vs. Exploiters: Dynamics of Exploitation    Abstract  Link from authors

Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan*   Improving Healthcare Policy Decisions: A Simulation-based Experimental Study    Abstract

Qureshi, Nabeel*   Evaluating the Implementation of Primary Care Behavioral Health in the Military Context   Abstract

Radomes, Amando*   Certifier’s revision dilemma and strategic realignment blind spot in standard revision: The case of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel   Abstract

Rahmandad, Hazhir* with Ran Xu and Navid Ghaffarzadegan   Enhancing Long-term Forecasting: Learning from COVID-19 Models    Abstract Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir* with John Sterman   Quantifying the COVID-19 Endgame: Is a New Normal within Reach?   Abstract Supporting

Rajah, Jefferson K.* with Martin Breda Grimeland   Enabling Resilient Food Systems: Simulating the Impact on Local Farmers' Livelihoods in Greater Adelaide, Australia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rajah, Jefferson K.* with Christopher Hutchison, William Chernicoff and Paulo Goncalves   The Dynamics of Prosthetics Care Continuum for Persons with Amputation   Abstract Paper

Randers, Jorgen*   From Limits to Growth to Earth for All – Overshoot and collapse in a 100-year perspective   Abstract

Rashidian, Mahla* with Nuno Videira and Eduardo Franco   Investigating the impact of Interactive Learning Environments (ILEs) on Group Model Building processes: a pilot study    Abstract Supporting

Regine Mingnon Negro, Pia* with Bernd Kaltenhäuser, Heidrun Belzner and Klaus Bogenberger   System Analysis of Ride-Hailing Business Models Using Game Theory    Abstract

Reichert, Guido Wolf*   Hierarchical, Component-Based Modeling Using the Cyber-Physical Modeling Language Modelica   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Rey, Andres with Laura Cardenas and Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia*   Dynamic Theory of Transparency in Government Open Data Ecosystems    Abstract

Richardson, George*   What Jay Didn't Tell Us: Hidden Gems in the System Dynamics Practices of Jay W. Forrester   Abstract Paper

Rodriguez, Luz-Angelica*   Closing the loop with construction and demolition waste. Approaching the circular economy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rodriguez, Luz-Angelica*   Life Cycle of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste. Approach to Circular Economy.   Abstract Paper Supporting

Roman, Sabin*   Modelling the long-term evolution and collapse of societies   Abstract Supporting

Romanenko, Eduard* with Jack Homer and Nanna Lien   Assessing Policies to Reduce Adolescent Overweight and Obesity: insights from a system dynamics model using HBSC survey data   Abstract Supporting

Rooney-Varga, Juliette* with Florian Kapmeier, Carolyn McCarthy, Bethany Patten and Kenneth Rath   En-ROADS: Interactive simulation that motivates climate action and delivers insights into high-leverage solutions   Abstract  Link from authors

Rooney-Varga, Juliette* with Arie Perliger, Andrew Jones, Bethany Patten, Catherine Stevens, Florian Kapmeier, John Sterman, Lucia Cheney and Peyton Newsome   Can interactive simulation impact what policymakers say and do on climate?   Abstract  Link from authors

Rosa Coletta, Virginia* with Umberto Fratino, Alessandro Pagano, Irene Pluchinotta, Nici Zimmermann and Raffaele Giordano   Flood risk management in a complex urban system using a participatory System Dynamics approach   Abstract

Rouwette, Etiënne*   System dynamics and power   Abstract Paper

Ryzhenkov, Alexander*   PID Control in a Toy Bio-economic Model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ríos Ocampo, Juan* with Shayne Gary, Graciela Metternicht and Kerry Humphreys   Growth Mental Models and Societal Well-being in Australian Urban Areas   Abstract Paper

Sabounchi, Nasim* with David Lounsbury, Gary Hirsch, Rachel Thompson, Derek Blevins, Donrie Purcell and Terry Huang   Simulation Analysis of Evidence Based Interventions to Reduce Community Opioid Overdose and Fatality    Abstract

Saeed, Khalid*   Why and how Forrester wished to replace both differential equations and economics?   Abstract

Salome, Stefan* with Willem L. Auping   Modeling the forest with the trees: a Case Study on Multi-Resolution Modeling in the Asset Management domain   Abstract Paper

Sawicka, Agata* with Ewa Duda and Birgit Kopainsky   Eliminating fossil fuel boilers in Poland: System dynamics model for interdisciplinary scenario development and analyses   Abstract Supporting

Schmitt Olabisi, Laura*, Emma Gaalaas Mullaney and Johnny Musumbu   Talking about Food in Flint: Using Archetypes to Communicate System Structure   Abstract Paper

Schoenberg, Billy* with Bob Eberlein   Identifying Feedback Concepts Using Loops that Matter   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schünemann, Christoph*   Low Implementation Dynamics in Climate Mitigation – Modeling the Societal Motivation of Actor Groups for Energetic Renovation   Abstract

Scolozzi, Rocco*   Depopulation scenarios in small communities in Southern Italy: integrating qualitative research into dynamic models   Abstract Supporting

Seferidi, Paraskevi* with Laura Guzman-Abello and Ellis Ballard   Advancing towards double-duty policies: intergenerational and life-course transmission of the double burden of malnutrition   Abstract Paper Supporting

Selivanova, Anna* with Igor Krejci and Tereza Sedlářová Nehézová   The dynamical model of recovery after radioactive contamination   Abstract

Selya, Arielle*   E-Cigarettes for Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Policy-Focused ILE   Abstract

Severson, Mike* with Thuy Nguyen   Modeling the Supply Chain of Cobalt and Rare Earths Under Future EV Deployment   Abstract

Sezer, Muruvvet Deniz* with Ipek Deveci Kocakoc, Ali Dayioglu, Burcu Dabar and Emre Göktepe   Dynamics of Industrial Engineering Curriculum in Turkey   Abstract Supporting

Shaffaf, Pegah* with Parsa Arbabi   Analysis of the production unit in a steel company    Abstract

Sharma, Sudesh*   Social systems lab: a systems thinking based initiative in Aotearoa New Zealand   Abstract

Shenge, Victoire with Ann Marie White*   Interdependencies of Faith and Mental Health among Black Millennials in a U.S. City   Abstract

Singh, Rajdeep* with Krishna Mohan Thazhathu Valiyaveettil and R K Amit   Understanding Vaccine Allocation Strategies for COVID-19   Abstract

Smith, Raymond* with Kristen Hassmiller Lich and Elizabeth La   A Concept Model for Acute Crisis Mental Health System Capacity Planning and Management   Abstract Paper

Solo, Kirk* with Michael Schroeder   Lung Cancer Epidemiology-The advantages of microsimulation in determining rate dynamics in disease epidemiology.   Abstract

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini*   Using System Dynamics to Model Carbon Emissions from Electric Vehicle Market Penetration in South Africa   Abstract

Sousa, Jorge* with Etiënne Rouwette, Jose Bloemer, Leonard Malczynski and Jake Jacobson   Effects of relationships in the dynamics of information technology projects   Abstract Paper Supporting

Spitzer, Heiko*   Using system dynamics to support efficiency-based investment decisions as part of integrated asset management   Abstract

Sreenivasulu, Bellam*   Infusing Systems Thinking in Chemical Sciences and Education: Perspectives and Cases   Abstract

Sreenivasulu, Bellam*   Energy Consumption from Transportation and Residential Sectors in Singapore: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Sterman, John*   The Dynamics of Privilege   Abstract

Stringfellow, Erin* with Lindsey Pawlowski   Don't bury the lede: Structural racism requires different structures   Abstract

Struben, Jeroen* with Florian Kapmeier   The wanting–doing gap: Overcoming intra- and inter-organizational traps for sustainability transformations   Abstract

Struben, Jeroen*   Gender segregation dynamics: Women participation and performance in competitive chess in the Netherlands    Abstract

Struben, Jeroen*   Sustainability Transitions: Can we Leave it to the Lifestyle Choices of the Young Generations?   Abstract

Struik, Mieke* with Geke Pals   Personnel development at the Dutch Police   Abstract Supporting

Sánchez-Zeziaga, Ane* with Unai Elorza, Myriam Soto Ruiz de Gordoa and Joe Viana   Analysis between Human Resource Management employee well-being and organisational performance   Abstract

Talwar, Chetan*   How much can electric aircraft contribute to reaching the Flightpath 2050 CO2 emissions goal? A system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Tang, Christine* with Saeed Langarudi and Raafat Zaini   On Reference Modes of Dynamic Behavior: An Overview   Abstract

Taylor, Ivan with Takuma Ono and Saroj Koul*   An SD Model to Assist Leaders Increase Diversity in their Organizations Applied to Twitter’s 25/25 Vision   Abstract Paper

Tellioglu, Nefel* with Nic Geard and Rebecca H. Chisholm   Modelling the effect of within-host dynamics on the diversity of a multi-strain pathogen   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Thibeault, Al*   Agent-based Model for Testing Policy Options for Long-term Stability and Sustainability in the Rare Earth Mineral Sector   Abstract Supporting

Tilebein, Meike*   Dynamic Challenges of New Digital Technology-Based Business Models for Customer Diversity in the Fashion Industry   Abstract Paper

Tiongco, Monique Ann* with Lyka Marie Tiongco   Feedback-guided analysis as an approach to understanding student adoption of online learning   Abstract Supporting

Torres Arroyo, Mariana* with Luis Luna-Reyes, Natasha Pernicka, Stacy Pettigrew, Ben Atwood, Amy Klein and Beth Feingold   How Can Food Donation Policies Improve Fresh Produce Rescue and Reduce Waste?   Abstract

Trailer, Jeff* with Si Cheng   A Determination Framework for Causation vs Correlation   Abstract Paper

Uleman, Jeroen* with Rene Melis, Alexander Uitendaal, Marcel Olde Rikkert, Alfons Hoekstra and Rick Quax   Facing the Challenge of Modeling Personalized Medical Interventions: A Data-driven Workflow   Abstract

Ulmeanu Enea, Florentina*   A System Dynamics Approach to Music-induced Moral Behaviour   Abstract

Valencia-Hernandez, Veronica* with Santiago Arango and Yris Olaya   The role of alternative combustion vehicles and the modal changes on the path to decarbonizing road transport   Abstract Paper Supporting

van der Wal, Merel* with Anne Rutten   Meta-analysis of qualitative and quantitative aspects of early career teacher attrition   Abstract Supporting

van Keeken, Marieke* with Wout Dullaert, Dirk Inghels and Pascal Wissink   Using System Dynamics to Evaluate Sustainable Business Models for the Aluminum Industry   Abstract Paper

Varma, Navarun with Arabinda Mishra, Ryan Yi Wei Tan*, Erica Udas, Sabarnee Tuladhar, Nand Kishore Aggarwal, Lipy Adhikari, Samikhya Kafle, Yifei Yue, Jazhten Low   Integrating resilience into Monitoring and Evaluation of climate and development practices in Hindu-Kush Himalaya   Abstract Supporting

Veldhuis, Guido* with Eefje Smits-Clijsen and Rob van Waas   Supporting government in understanding the societal impact of the corona pandemic   Abstract

Vermeulen, Estee* with Jai Clifford-Holmes, Amanda Lombard and Bernadette Snow    Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on Coastal and Marine Tourism to Inform Recovery Strategies in Nelson Mandela Bay.    Abstract Paper

Verrier, Brunilde*   Sunset and sunrise industry strategies shaping national energy transitions pathways   Abstract

Volken, Sandra*   Opportunities for System Dynamics in One Health research   Abstract

von Kutzschenbach, Michael* with Etiënne Rouwette   Building future-proof business models   Abstract

Voyer, John*   Schools and the Legacy of Redlining   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wang, Dehui*   How are China High-speed Railway Going under Government Assistance?   Abstract  Link from authors

Wang, Yuhong* with Nici Zimmermann   Modelling the Complexity of Large Systems: A Network-aided System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Werner, Kelsey with Ellis Ballard*, William Liem and Andrew Brown   Proposing a practical design framework for community-engaged system dynamics practice   Abstract Supporting

Wheat, David*   Limits to Entrepreneurial Growth: Impact on Firm Demographics and Employment   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Wheat, David* with Iryna Lukianenko, Olena Primierova, Marianna Oliskevych, Alina Novik, Oleksandr Faryna and Pervin Dadashova   Learning Economics with Dynamic Modeling in Ukraine, in Collaboration with Norway   Abstract

Wongseree, Peeradon* with Borwornsom Leerapan, Zeynep Hasgul and Mohammad Jalali   Improving colorectal cancer screening and care in low and middle-income countries: an example from Thailand   Abstract

Yamaguchi, Yokei* with Kaoru Yamaguchi   The Endogenous Money IS-LM Model of the Debt Money System (Part I) – A Paradigm Shift in Macroeconomics   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Yokei* with Kaoru Yamaguchi   The Endogenous Money IS-LM Model of the Debt Money System (Part II) – Loanable Funds vs Endogenous Money   Abstract Paper

Yamashita, Takayuki*   Economic impacts of COVID-19 on domestic tourism   Abstract

Yan, Min-Ren*   System Dynamics and Sustainable System Development for Inclusive Growth: Taiwan’s Social Innovation with Government Setting   Abstract

Yang, Zhenghua*   Modelling the Long-term HIV Immune Viral Dynamics and Medical Treatment of HIV Infection   Abstract Paper

Yarahmadi, Shima* and Saeed Taheri   Behavior of NDF financing system and its impact on the Performance of Petrochemical projects in Iran   Abstract Supporting

Yepes, Karolay*   Measuring Manufacturer Responsiveness & Supplier’s Order Variability due to Flexibility in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain   Abstract

Yim, Hyosook* with Yejin Cho   Structuring of stakeholders’ knowledge using causal loop diagrams: A case study of management strategy for rural post offices   Abstract

Zach, Martin* with Hitesh Boghani, Amna Chaudhry and Frits Bijleveld   Assessing systemic and wider impacts of cooperative, connected and automated mobility   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Zeijlemaker, Iris with Marieke van Keeken, Alexander Tommy Budianto, Sander Zeijlemaker* and Jonan Raaijmakers   The impact of shifting priorities during COVID-19 with aging population: exploring the importance of the PACU unit.   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zeijlemaker, Sander* with Michael von Kutzschenbach and Elvir Jasarevic   Threat actors’ perspective on organizations: Why shouldn’t we do the same to manage cyber risk in the supply chain?   Abstract

Zeijlemaker, Sander*   Unraveling the dynamic complexity of cyber security: Market pressure or decision failure?   Abstract Supporting

Zenezini, Giovanni* with Giulio Mangano and Gabriel Castelblanco   The impact of e-commerce on the Urban Logistics Real-estate market   Abstract

Zhou, Ke* with Mengru Zhang   Health and Wellbeing Deterioration in COVID-19: A small model exploring resiliency development during multiple waves of crisis   Abstract Paper

Zhou, Ke* with Nici Zimmermann   Theorising and modelling competing institutional logics in decision-making   Abstract Paper

Zhou, Ke* with Nici Zimmermann   Dynamics of decision issues and decision-making rules in urban regeneration: why the focus of attention changes over time?    Abstract Paper

Zimba, Andile*   A Theoretical and Practical experience of the implementation of transversal approach in the City of Cape Town   Abstract

Zimmermann, Nici*   Participatory modelling in an introductory systems thinking and system dynamics class   Abstract Supporting

Zolfaghari, Mahshid* with Birgit Kopainsky, Nanna Lien and Biljana Meshkovska   Determinants of and leverage points for the implementation of school based primary prevention for health behaviour change   Abstract


Bean, Michael*   Creating Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter   Abstract

Eberlein, Bob* with Billy Schoenberg, Karim Chichakly and Sarah Davie   Optimization and Calibration with Stella    Abstract  Link from authors

Eberlein, Bob* with Billy Schoenberg, Karim Chichakly and Sarah Davie   Getting Started with Stella   Abstract  Link from authors

Eberlein, Bob with Billy Schoenberg*   Learning with Loops that Mattter   Abstract  Link from authors

Eberlein, Bob with Billy Schoenberg*, Sarah Davie and Karim Chichakly   Interface Design with Stella   Abstract  Link from authors

Eker, Sibel* with Florian Kapmeier   Using the En-ROADS climate solutions simulator in combination with participatory modelling   Abstract

Fisher, Diana*   Building System Dynamics Models From the News   Abstract

Haro, Felipe*   The time step and the integration method - Understanding the theoretical framework to make the right choice   Abstract  Link from authors

Kuijer, Michel with Arjen Ros*   Advanced workshop in using tool to professionalize model development    Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard*   Starting from scratch: Better model construction   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard*   Feedback Rich Model Construction with Powersim Studio   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio*   SDM-Doc: The System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool   Abstract  Link from authors

Moxnes, Erling* with Etiënne Rouwette, Paulo Goncalves, Ali Saysel, Nuno Videira and Andra Blumberga   System Dynamics MOOCs for sustainability transformations   Abstract  Link from authors

Naik, Ankit with Guido Wolf Reichert*, Jan Brugard and Harald Farcas   Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling using Pre-Built Components   Abstract  Link from authors

Naik, Ankit with Guido Wolf Reichert* and Harald Farcas   Data Wrangling, Model Testing and Model Analysis for Object-Oriented Models in the Wolfram Language   Abstract  Link from authors

Niles, Rebecca* with Raafat Zaini, Raquel Froese Buzogany, Fernando Redivo, Christine Tang, Kelechi Odoemena and Martha Toy   The Group Juggle Workshop: A Quick Intro to System Dynamics   Abstract

Wheat, David* with Alina Novik and Marianna Oliskevych   Start Macro Modeling with a MacroLab Template   Abstract

Zeijlemaker, Sander*   Disem’s Cybernate: experience the dynamic nature of cyber on business strategy    Abstract

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