Abstract for: My system is not your system- Lesson on racism for System Dynamics with a path forward

The issue of social disparity as a root cause in dynamical social systems is not given adequate attention in system dynamics. The variables in the models and diagrams are not created equal across social systems and across social agents. Some groups have historically experienced pervasive racism and discrimination that exacerbate the gravity and immensity of disparities. The implications of adding effect on the cause variables are central to the typology of a system but such characteristics are not inconsequential to the welfare of marginalized sectors of society. Positive acceleration may not translate to positive social progress. Likewise, this relationship of pull to marginalization is not explored when drawing inferences during model building or in its application to real-world situations. Therefore, systems of those marginalized cannot mirror the configuration of a feedback system or causal maps of those that are privileged. I argue the social construction of race and racism calls on the system for those who are disadvantaged by systemic racism to differ from those systems experienced neither historically or actively marginalized. Further, a path forward for system dynamics to account for the external forces of social determinants already exists, community engaged system dynamics practice.