Abstract for: Closing the loop with construction and demolition waste. Approaching the circular economy

Colombia currently recycling 22.5% of construction and demolition waste -CDW in contrast to the recycling rate of 70% on average in Europe and 89% if material for filling is considered. It is expected that the national integral public policy will allow an increase in the materials treated and used to be reincorporated again into the construction life cycle and thus guarantee an approach to the circular economy. The model considers the relationship between the growth of construction and the growing demand for materials, which in the end-of-life stage can be treated and reincorporated as a substitute material for raw materials, thus generating economic and environmental advantages. By introducing the policy of greater capacity in the recyclers, it is possible to increase the recycling material by 230%, reduce the CO2 equivalent by 196% and economic benefits of 20% for the constructors over a 35-year horizon. But it is not possible to achieve the goals stipulated in resolution 1257 of 2021, advocating for more initiatives.