Abstract for: Gender and Ethnic pay inequality in academia: a formal system dynamics model

Intersectional pay gaps, meaning pay gaps based on gender and ethnic background, continue to exist in academia. White upper class men earn higher wages in the same positions than women and people with an ethnic minority background. This papers builds a formal system dynamics based upon a literature review of papers on intersectional inquality in organizations. The basis structure of the formal model consists of the average wages of white upper class men and the outgroup and on the human capital of these groups. Feedback processes explain how present pay gaps normalize acceptance of higher wage claims of the ingroup over the outgroup. Calibration of the formal model based upon anonymized pay gap data of a Dutch university, shows that higher claims of the ingroup, small differences in acceptance of wage claims of the ingroups are not compensated for by larger investments in the human capital of the outgroup and that for the higher academic positions intersectional pay gaps continue to exist.