Abstract for: Low Implementation Dynamics in Climate Mitigation – Modeling the Societal Motivation of Actor Groups for Energetic Renovation

The low implementation dynamics of various climate mitigation measures is a major challenge to achieve the climate change goals. This insufficient low dynamic is also obtained for energetic renovation in several countries. For the country of Germany we want to investigate how the societal motivation can be increased for different actor groups. The focus will be to analyse the effectiveness of different policy instruments. Therefore, the variables and connection in the system dynamics simulation model must be quantified in a robust and valid manner. For this purpose, we involve stakeholders from politics, science and practice in the qualitative modelling procedure in a first step and quantify the model through surveys of various relevant groups of actors in a second step. Stakeholders from politics, science and practice are planned to be involved in the entire modelling process, which increases both the quality of the models and their acceptance for possible implementation of the outcomes. At the end of the project, the central results should lead to the derivation and formulation of policy advising recommendations together with the stakeholders in order to bring the research findings on the way to implementation.