Abstract for: When is the right time for Norway to start taxing electric vehicles through 2050?

People must be encouraged to use cleaner technologies in order to accelerate the energy transition. In some countries, such as Norway, this motivation derives primarily from the fact that electric vehicles pay no tax, whereas combustion engine vehicles pay a high tax. In this study, the influence of various taxation policies on the share of electric vehicles in Norway over the last decade was investigated using system dynamics. Thereafter, various scenarios for imposing an electric vehicle tax after 2022 were discussed. For these scenarios, the market share of electric vehicles, avoided carbon emissions, and government spending were compared. According to the results, introducing an EV tax in 2030 is almost the best case scenario in terms of environmental and financial considerations. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that there is a specific electric car to charging station ratio that maximizes the gain (avoided CO2) per unit of invested money. According to the study's assumptions, the ratio obtained is 35.