Abstract for: Analysis of the production unit in a steel company

System Dynamics methods have become one of the significant concepts in analyzing and decision making. Thus, every company should be concerned about creating and developing it to get more profit. The objective of this study is to focus on the problem of a steel Company located in Iran which is the sudden increases in orders rates and large backlog which leads to more work and pressure for the machines and operators and cause long delays in fulfilling the orders and the whole production system in general. These delays can eventually cause customer dissatisfaction that the factory wants to avoid. So, the company needs to prepare an appropriate plan for the busy months. To be more specific, P'HAPI method has been mentionedand the considered policy can be examined as the recruitment of extra staff during busy months to help the main professional operators in some tasks that take a long time, taking into account several dependant aspects such as workers' salaries, recruitment budget, and so on. It is found that approximately 32.25% of the total backlog will be reduced after implementing this policy.