Abstract for: Dynamic Theory of Transparency in Government Open Data Ecosystems

With the purpose of addressing existing gaps identified in the literature of the open data field. In this research what happens with transparency in government open data ecosystems (OGD ecosystem) was studied by means of a case study and the application of System Dynamics modeling. The case study of open government procurement data allowed the observation and recollection of information from the OGD ecosystem, the stakeholders, and their relationships. This resulted in the formulation of a dynamic theory for transparency in OGD ecosystems. Subsequently, the theory was used for the construction of a System Dynamics simulation model. The model formally states the relationships among actors through variables, to which input values (from ecosystem conditions or established policies) were assigned to simulate the response that models the behavior generated over time in the ecosystem. As a result, it was possible to gain a better understanding of the effects on transparency and the way in which the interactions between the different variables of the model, associated to factors of diverse nature (political, economic, social, cultural, and technological), eventually affect, or enable transparency in the OGD ecosystem.