Abstract for: Investigating the impact of Interactive Learning Environments (ILEs) on Group Model Building processes: a pilot study

Systems thinking (ST) is a methodology used to explore and understand the interrelationships within complex systems. One of the key concepts in systems thinking is the feedback loop. This paper aims to assess the effectiveness of system dynamics-based interactive learning environments (SD/ILE), during participatory modeling workshops to support ST skills development. We will use the literal understanding of the casual relations and feedback loop processes as the measure indicator during the study. This case references the civilization collapse as a complex system to study the “overshoot and collapse” concept. The choice of developing the participatory workshop around the main structure and behavior for overshoot and collapse is twofold: first, it is an essential factor for the natural resource management, and second, corresponding to the current environmental crisis, it is crucial for learning about consumption processes, as well as to provide a real-world context to conceptualize takeaway messages. This empirical research will be performed with a cohort of higher education students, evaluating causal relation learning based on comparing the learning outcomes in treatment and control groups.