Abstract for: Feedback-guided analysis as an approach to understanding student adoption of online learning

The fast and unpredictable changes and increased complexity of today’s world led to significant challenges that press new demands on the education system. Worldwide, most academic institutions shifted their learning frameworks to an online learning model to limit physical interaction and slow the spread of the coronavirus. Even though the adoption of technology in learning has increased over the past two decades, most academic institutions were not prepared for the sudden shift to online learning which posed a major adjustment in learning. This study offers a technological infrastructure on education problem space in response to the changing environment to understand the value of online learning and other innovative forms of delivering educational materials to students in the context of higher education. We present preliminary models from a series of group model building session and the application of a systems based human ecology framework to capture the common understanding on the main challenges in online learning, its support strategies and the mechanisms guiding student behavior regarding its adoption.