Abstract for: Modelling A Rebound Effect of Efficient Irrigation Methods on Water Consumption: A Focus on Konya Closed Basin in Turkey

Pressurized irrigation systems reduce water consumption, overall irrigation cost and provide efficient irrigation. These benefits create investment opportunities such as expanding agricultural land, switching to water demanding crops or irrigating longer durations to obtain higher yield. These opportunities increase demand on irrigation water, nullifying the decrease in water demand provided by technological irrigation. This phenomenon is called rebound effect. This research aims to study the potential rebound effect in overall irrigation water consumption depending on technological improvements in the Konya Closed Basin in Turkey. The region is the largest agricultural supplier of Turkey where 10% of the total production originates. Due to semi-arid climate, irrigation is crucial which depends on groundwater. According to reports, a significant decline in water table is observed in last decades which led to wide adoption of efficient irrigation methods. However, adoption of efficient methods did not bring the expected saving in water resources which are still declining. To understand the potential rebound effect on groundwater, use after switching to efficient irrigation methods and explore the consequences of this phenomenon, a dynamic model is being developed. Future steps include calibration of model parameters and validation of the structure and behavior utilizing field data and available literature.