Abstract for: From Limits to Growth to Earth for All – Overshoot and collapse in a 100-year perspective

Jorgen Randers will discuss six questions: 1. What did The Limits to Growth say in 1972? Warned about overshoot and collapse in 21st century, caused by slow societal response to obvious planetary boundaries 2. What has happened since? Slow response to warning: Continued growth into climate overshoot. No collapse - yet 3. Will there be global collapse in 21st century? Unlikely in my mind – but climate change will become much worse, as will inequality 4. How will human wellbeing evolve during the next 50 years? Unless there is extraordinary action, the wellbeing of the majority will decline and create the risk of local social collapse 5. What will it take to avoid the risk of social collapse? Strong collective action – higher taxes, more public spending, and more regulation 6. What is the real sustainability challenge? To gather political support for strong governmental action – which is difficult, will take time, and further slow the societal response to obvious planetary boundaries