Abstract for: A System Dynamics Approach to Modeling Safety Management for Mega Construction Projects

Unsafe working environments slow down working speed in that it takes a lot of time to respond in case of an accident, greatly reducing the productivity of construction work. Therefore, proper safety management that does not impede the productivity of construction works is a very important factor for successful construction projects. However, especially in mega construction projects, the mutual effects of safety management and productivity are complex and relatively little is known. Therefore, this study establishes a causal model between safety management and productivity influencing factors based on effectiveness metrics, and analyzes the effect of increased site congestion due to excessive personnel input, irregular safety measures and inefficient change of work schedules. The developed model is applied to examine the impact of safety management on productivity. Application of this model verifies the strong potential of the developed model enhancing the competitiveness of the construction industry as the basis for establishing a safety management plan that can secure appropriate productivity.