Abstract for: Dynamics of Industrial Engineering Curriculum in Turkey

Design of an innovative curriculum is a challenging issue that is expected to provide higher expectations, high employability and quality. Thus, the curriculum needs to be updated by projecting industry prospects and future opportunities. Considering literature review it can be said that there are few studies that aim to understand industry expectations to improvement industrial engineering curriculum. However, developing curriculum is not only affected by the expectations, it also effects many external and internal factors in the dynamic environment. In order to deal with this dynamic, complex and multivariate structure are required both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Thus, combining qualitative and quantitative techniques are required to present in depth understand of the system, investigating effecting factors of curriculum development process and presenting their relationships from the holistic perspectives. The aim of this study is to analyze coverage ratio of competencies to industrial engineer graduate and industry expectations and to investigate industrial engineer competencies required by industry to determine future trends for industrial engineering curriculum in the bachelor level. The main contribution of this study is to determine qualified industrial engineers by developing conceptual model and survey that can provide a holistic perspective for developing the policies and strategies.