Abstract for: Diversity Dynamics--Extensive Inclusiveness

In response to emerging societal demands, organizations have been attempting to address the social-systemic challenge of diversity. While a virtuous goal, many initiatives seem to be rushed and not pursued systemically, with unintended consequences. And, the outcomes are typically far lower than the potential available in society to organizations, for-profit or non-profit. Futuristic approaches to extensive inclusiveness necessitate a systemic attitude, that is, starting with systems thinking and then modeling the dynamics of diversity inclusion and development. The authors have created a model (a partial conceptual vignette is attached) that substantiates their dynamic hypothesis of “extensive inclusiveness”. It provides insights for management including: • Definitions and perspectives that are, and can be, used – with their impact on organizations and their societies. • A diversity system–and its interacting components often tackled independently–for acquiring (extensively inclusive) diversity. • Time-bound project versus developmental-sustained program approaches that develop diversities as well as lift up society. • Reorienting organization cultures to benefit from differences in viewpoints and creating effective leader integrators. Covering the gap between desired and actual organizational diversity profile also requires building internal capabilities. • Harnessing innovativeness that results from engaging in critique which is a natural consequence of diverse thinking.