Abstract for: Using the En-ROADS climate solutions simulator in combination with participatory modelling

The En-ROADS climate solutions simulator, co-developed by Climate Interactive and MIT Sustainability Initiative, is one of the most widely known and impactful system dynamics tools, commonly used in climate education and outreach. The current modes of engaging with En-ROADS focus on exploring the consequences of climate policies by displaying their consequences on the dynamic behavior of several climate, economy, and environment indicators. Through the dynamic behavior of these indicators, En-ROADS creates a learning environment to improve the understanding of the relationships between climate, economy, and policies. In this workshop, we combine an interactive En-ROADS Workshop with participatory modelling of these relationships in order to enhance the learning and deliberation experience of participants on climate solutions. By co-modelling such systemic relationships with causal loop diagrams in parallel to examining behavior-over-time graphs, we reinforce participants’ understanding of underlying feedback loops, policy resistance, and unintended consequences. The workshop is open to anyone, regardless of the system dynamics or En-ROADS experience level, who would like to (i) learn about global climate solutions, (ii) learn about En-ROADS to support climate change education and outreach, and (iii) follow a similar approach in facilitating En-ROADS workshops. Participation does not require any preparation or hands-on software use.