Abstract for: The dynamical model of recovery after radioactive contamination

Assuming a large-scale radiological accident, a mathematical model of recovery of affected areas has been developing for conditions in the Czech Republic. Owing to a multidisciplinary nature of such problem, the System Dynamics methods have been employed to propose a possible solution of the considered task. Due to complexity of the case, the model focuses on mathematical/physical essence of decontamination of typical objects in inhabited areas, being a basis for subsequent estimations of costs and benefits of the overall recovery. The model designed is tested for an area in the emergency planning zone (EPZ) of the selected nuclear power plant (NPP). However, the model could be anytime extended or rescaled to other conditions/objects because of the flexibility of the System Dynamics methods. The model allows to simulate decontamination scenarios over time using the Vensim software. Based on simulations, costs/benefits for each scenario will be provided to assess suitability of scenarios proposed. Hence, the model will connect both physical processes (e.g. radioactive decay and weathering) and economic estimations.