Abstract for: Advanced workshop in using tool to professionalize model development

SD modelling for practitioners application requires an other approach to the modelling process. To effectively and efficiently develop specific model solutions it requires elements like: - system oriented approach in stead of problem oriented - Re-use of (parts of) models - improve/guarantee model quality (independant of individual modeller) - model development as a teameffort Applying this type of modelling development process is seen as an important contribution to enhance the application of SD in organisations and businesses. As a follow up on the introduction workshop In this workshop we want the participants to use the tool in a step-by-step guided tour. The participans can use their own model for this tool so they have to bring their own computer. If they have no model available a sample model will be supplied by us. We also like to share insights and feedback of the participants to improve the tool. We will reflect together with the participants on the added value of this tool to the model development process. The workshop program will be as follows: 1. Short introduction of the concept with a demonstration 2. Step-by-step guided tour for each of the participants for their own model (or with sample model supplied by us) 3. Plenary feedback on results: reflections on added value to the model development process