Abstract for: A Multiplayer Simulation Gaming for Sustainable Groundwater Irrigation

As the largest source of freshwater in the world, groundwater is considered as one of the most valuable natural resources. Governance and management of groundwater poses challenges, particularly because of its common pool resource (CPR) characteristics. Sustainable management of CPRs need a polycentric approach beyond command-and-control of the central authority and privatization and market design. In real life, learning by experience might be difficult. In such dynamically complex environments, simulation models and games can help people learn not only about the consequences of their decisions, but develop deeper learning in and about the dynamic complexity of the systems structure and behavior. This research focuses on this crucial learning element with computer simulation models and games. This research aims to help irrigators learn about the challenges that they may face in single irrigation season. For this purpose, a dynamic simulation model and an interactive game is developed for Konya where we conduct this applied field research. In line with the field observations, assignment problems that occur around a well in a single irrigation season is studied. The initial observations obtained from the pilot gaming indicate that the game can allow participants to gain insights about the complex dynamics of the commons.