Abstract for: Life Cycle of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste. Approach to Circular Economy.

Electronic and electronic devices - EEE is one of the sectors that has been prioritized in Circular Economic -CE, both at international and national levels, given that they use many resources, have a high potential for circularity, and contain critical materials. Since there is a lack of a systemic and holistic perspective considering the whole life cycle phases and several supply chain actors. With the purpose of knowing what developing countries, such as Colombia, should do to implement extend producer responsibility -EPR and obtain results that are directed to the achievements that it pursues in CE. A system dynamics model is developed to know variables results associated with the material recovered, the WEEE generated and the energy consumed. Policies that are associated with the formalization of the informal sector, allows greater material recovery thus ensures a circular economy. Energy efficiency labels are the instrument, which reduces more energy consumption. However, the scenario where all the policies are placed together is the one that shows the most impactful results over all the variable outcomes of the flow, showing environmental, social and economic benefits.