Abstract for: What can we learn from that? Recognizing the contributions of practitioners, researchers, and champions we have recently lost.

System Dynamics is an intrinsically practical field, and in executing that practice we draw on the efforts and experience of others who share the same passion. Whether from afar, through the written word, or side-by-side in front of a computer screen or stakeholder, we are better at what we do because of what we learn from others. In this talk we reflect on important things we have learned, technical and not, from people we have recently lost. Those learnings have improved our ability to do good work, and we hope will serve as an inspiration to others who did not get the chance to learn directly. It is with both sadness and gratitude that we recognize the contributions of Jerry Barney, Andreas Harbig, Dave Packer, Mark Paich, Nick Pudar, Jim Thompson, Jim Waters, and Ginny Wiley to the field of System Dynamics.