Abstract for: Using system dynamics to support efficiency-based investment decisions as part of integrated asset management

The energy transition creates a multitude of economically driven challenges. Against this complex background, the sustainable development of an adequate infrastructure is crucial. Necessary investment decisions must be examined from different perspectives and made precisely, transparently, and comprehensibly over the different time and planning horizons. In the course of this development, the methods and procedures for allocating limited budgets to the infrastructure are also undergoing constant change. For this purpose, a procedure is described which is based on a risk-based efficiency assessment of measures and projects in the infrastructure. The objectives of this presentation are to give a brief overview of the cornerstones of a standard-compliant asset management system, explain the approach and necessary prerequisites for risk/opportunity management as the basis for efficiency-based asset management, and outline the procedure and the introduction of efficiency-based measure control based upon a user case. Insights from this work are relevant to a wide range of potential stakeholders, including investors, utilities, railways, governments, defense, regulators, and the construction industry.