Abstract for: Meta-analysis of qualitative and quantitative aspects of early career teacher attrition

Early career teachers (ECTs) in Dutch secondary education are likely to leave the teaching profession within the first three year after starting as a teacher. As a result, the Netherlands is heading towards a large secondary education teacher shortage by 2023. In response, the government initiated a nation-wide research program from 2015 to 2019, to understand various causes and effects of ECT attrition rate and the effectiveness of induction programs. Results of this national research program give insight in various topics related to teacher attrition. Such insights and lessons are currently presented separately, at multiple levels (teacher, coach, team, school) and for various themes (stress, work-life balance, collegiality, etc.), whereas in practice they all form part of the attrition problem. The objective of this contribution is to integrate findings of the studies in the national research program, in order to find possible leverage points that can affect and address the attrition of early career teachers. Exploration from an integrated perspective will enable a meta-analysis of all types of conducted studies, providing insights into how induction programs may be improved in order to reduce attrition rates.