Abstract for: A Country-ownership Programme and the Quest for Systems Thinking and Application: The essence of Multilateral Lending

Distinction between Gross Domestic Product, private capital returns on investment, as well as unemployment poverty and inequality reduction are a traditional approach and represent an orthodox perspective to define economic growth thinking and application. Through sustainable development as a new objective and impact, application of Structural Adjustment Programmes to model conditionality to fund economic growth ontologically and epistemologically is less viable and less sustainable. In essence, an organic (bottom-up) process to systematise and generate sustainable development as a new objective and impact challenges Structural Adjustment Programmes through the New Development Bank’s Country-ownership Programme to derive a more scientific, institutionalised and localised partnership programme as a new and alternative discourse. Significantly, the paper contributes an alternative theoretical approach based on organic, scientific, systematic and dynamic methodological perspectives, as well as advance systems thinking and application as an interdisciplinary field, as well as contribute significantly on the Distinctions, Systems, Relationships and Perspectives (DSRP) model as a function of Systems Dynamics. Key words: Sustainable Development, Country-ownership Programme, Institutionalised Political Economy (IPE) Approach, DSRP model and Systems Thinking and Application