Conference Record
The 2021 System Dynamics Conference - Virtually Chicago
Virtually Chicago, USA
July 26-30 2021

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Abroshan, Hamid* with Rujirin Luckana and David Wheat   Planning a dedicated bus lane to decrease traffic congestion considering policy implementation   Abstract

Akhavan, Ali* with Paulo Goncalves   The trade-off between groundwater management and large-scale agricultural production: The case of pistachio production in Iran   Abstract

Akhavan, Ali* with Paulo Goncalves   The effects of feedback and delay on punishment and cooperation in public good experiments   Abstract Supporting

Alwasel, Athary* with Masoud Fakhimi, Wolfgang Garn and Lampros Stergioulas   Towards a Hybrid Modeling and Simulation Framework for Behavioral Analysis   Abstract

Ambaum, Mathijs with Inge Bleijenbergh*   Intersecting inequalities in organizations: the pay gap   Abstract Supporting

Andreeva, Mariya* with Eva Parietti and Paulo Goncalves   A dynamic perspective on the evolution of firefighting policy for the US urban sprawl   Abstract

Araujo, Francisco* with Bertha Baez   1952 the Great Smog, Exploring the Past with Simulations.   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Arias, Maria Guadalupe* with Juan Pablo Torres, Karla Padilla and Samuel Madariaga   Visual Attention and Gender: Evidence from the Beergame   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Armenia, Stefano* with Eduardo Franco and Georgios Tsaples   A Systems Thinking Archetype to Understand, Analyze and Anticipate the Evolution of International Crises   Abstract

Asher BlackDeer, Autumn with Braveheart Gillani, Flora Cohen* and Mia Vogel   A Tale of Two Mentees: Conceptualizing Academic Mentorship through System Thinking   Abstract

Asuncion, Ralph* with Chris Browne, Walter Abhayaratna and Nikhil Jha   Overcoming Accidental Adversaries in Healthcare through a Design Canvas   Abstract

Atamer Balkan, Büsra* with Hector Menendez, Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist, Kelechi Odoemena, Bob Lamb, Monique Ann Tiongco, Stueti Gupta and Arpitha Peteru   Resilience for Smallholder Farmers during Pandemic: Model Conceptualization for Agriculture and Food Supply Chain Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Atkins, Ashley* with Saeed Langarudi and Alexander Fernald   Modeling as a Tool to Improve the Impact of Water Science Research   Abstract Supporting



Bahaddin, Babak* with David Andersen, Dan Gordon, Ali Mashayekhi and Hyunjung Kim   Social Media Issues Involved in Communicating COVID-19 Dynamics to the Public: The Diaries During and After Lockdown Project   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Bakare, Tolulope* with Oluwabunmi Falebita and Babajide Shari   Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria Health Sector   Abstract Supporting

Bakken, Bjorn*   A resource-based system-dynamics simulation platform for networked crisis management training and exercises   Abstract  Link from authors

Ballard, Ellis* with Kelsey Werner and Birgit Kopainsky   Building peer support and practice insights in community-based modeling practice   Abstract

Ballard, Ellis*   Exploring Conceptual Simulation Modeling to Develop a Strategic Perspective on Health System Malaria Response   Abstract

Barlas, Yaman with Hakan Yasarcan*, Yesim Tozan, Sooyoung Kim, Joacim Rocklöv, Henrik Sjödin and Jane M. Carlton   An epidemiological compartmental model of malaria with host-vector interactions   Abstract Paper

Barnabè, Federico*   Circular Economy as an aid for small-sized companies in times of COVID: an exploratory case study   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Bean, Michael* with Joao Pedro Azevedo   The Long-Term Effects of the COVID Pandemic on Human Capital   Abstract

Beaulieu, Elizabeth* with Mohammad Jalali   Health-Related Quality of Life in Cancer Immunotherapy: Construction of Causal Loop Diagram   Abstract

Bellotti, Marianne*   Fault: System Models for Distributed Computer Systems   Abstract

Bernard, Michael*   Sociocultural/Geopolitical Modeling & Assessment: Current Work and Research Frontiers   Abstract  Link from authors

Beyeler, Walt with Andjelka Kelic, Kevin Stamber* and Robert Taylor   Modeling of Natural Gas Networks for Consequence Analysis   Abstract

Biely, Katharina*   Understanding and overcoming the unfortunate resilience of our unsustainable socio-economic system.   Abstract

Billio, Monica with Andrew Lo, Loriana Pelizzon, Mila Getmansky Sherman* and Abalfazl Zareei   Global Realignment in Financial Market Dynamics: Evidence from ETF Networks   Abstract

Blumberga, Andra*   Passive aggressiveness: the story of unfulfilled love and suppressed anger   Abstract

Bosslau, Mario*   Digital Engineering of Dynamic Business Models for Smart Product-Service Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Brown, Stephan*   Exploring mental models of value-based payment arrangements in healthcare   Abstract  Link from authors

Bush, Brian* with Danny Inman   Visual HPC Workflows for the Analysis of System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Calancie, Larissa* with Kelsey Werner, Julia Appel, Erin Hennessy, Travis Moore, Deanna Nappi and Christina Economos   Effect of Specific Group Model Building Activities on Stakeholders   Abstract Supporting

Campbell, Brenden* with Allyson Beall King   Multi-solving Waste Reduction and Food Production Model Feeding Styrofoam to Consumable Mealworms   Abstract

Cardenas, Melanie* with Amin Esmaeili   Simulation-based What-if Analysis for Georgia Vaccination Distribution Policy   Abstract

Cassidy, Taylor* and Melissa Wuellner   A systems approach to understanding Piping Plover production on off-channel sandpits along the Central Platte River   Abstract

Centola, Damon*   How Social Networks Trigger Tipping Points   Abstract

çetinkaya, özgün*   Adaptation of Systems Thinking in the K-12 International Baccalaureate Program   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Ceylan Alibeyoglu, Meltem* with Ulkem Yararbas and Emre Göktepe   The Changing Language of Education with System Thinking   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Chen, Rowland with Ivan Taylor, Saroj Koul, Takuma Ono* and Mia Vogel   Promoting Success of Women of Color Entrepreneurs in the United States   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Chichakly, Karim*   Systems Thinking for Public Policy: A Case Study in Brazil   Abstract

Chin, Lucy* with Min Hu and Ellis Ballard   Online Approaches for Community Based Modeling: Adapting to COVID Operations and Innovating for Future Practice   Abstract

Choudhary, Gitanshu* with Akash K Rao and Varun Dutt   Does classroom teaching of system dynamics concepts reduce correlation heuristic reliance? A case study from India   Abstract Paper

Coaquira, Jhon with Angela Suaña and Walter Aliaga*   Why the restrictions imposed by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic did not work properly in Peru?   Abstract

Cooray, Shavindrie*   Taking a step back: A Systemic look at bias in machine learning   Abstract  Link from authors

Cowie-Haskell, Laura with Kelsey Werner* and Elizabeth McColloch   Exploring the Application of Community Based System Dynamics to Structural Racism in Universities   Abstract

Daniel Alvarez-Cadena, Juan with Camilo Olaya*   Exogenous vs. Endogenous: The Challenge of Coffee Price Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Davison, Jacqueline with Mark Heffernan*, Kenneth Lawson, Joe Xu and Geoff McDonnell   Lessons from building an applied policy model to reduce childhood overweight and obesity (2016-2021)   Abstract

Davison, Jacqueline* with Haitham Taha and Danielle Currie   Complexities of modelling tobacco use and its related disease burden   Abstract  Link from authors

De la Vega, Eduardo*   Causal loop building of the perceptions of violence and opportunities for safe spaces among adolescents in rural Colombia   Abstract

de Witt, Magnus*   Electricity markets in remote Arctic communities - the dynamics of electricity cost under the impact of a mixed economy   Abstract

Dhirasasna, NiNa* with Emiliya Suprun, Stefen MacAskill, Mehdi Hafezi and Oz Sahin   A Systems Approach to Examining PhD Students’ Well-Being: An Australian Case   Abstract  Link from authors

DiGiovanni, Lauren* with Ann Marie White   Multi-finality in violence and suicide due to risk and protection among emerging adults in communities of color   Abstract

Du Plooy, Corne* with Andries Botha   Exploring Forest Fire Dynamics with the Loop Stock Transform   Abstract  Link from authors

Du Plooy, Corne* with Cynthia Garde   Exploring Emerging Archetypes   Abstract Supporting

Dugarte-Pena, German-Lenin* with Raúl Ortiz Mazarro, Maria-Isabel Sanchez-Segura, Antonio de Amescua Seco and Fuensanta Medina-Domínguez   An approach towards supporting the structuration of complex problems in System Dynamics through a web application   Abstract  Link from authors

Dula, Ivan* with Andreas Groessler   Sources of frustration in the Beer Distribution Game   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Dyer, David* with Michael Rosati, Olusegun Stanley Tomomewo, Michael Mann and Scott Johnson   Severe Energy System Disruptions: An analysis of the 2021 Texas Winter Storm Blackout   Abstract Supporting

Eberlein, Bob*   Perfect Mixing in COVID Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eker, Sibel*   Societal dynamics of low-carbon lifestyles   Abstract Paper

Emmen, Lodewijk* with Merel van der Wal   A Multi-Level Perspective on Policy Resistance in the Energy Transition   Abstract

Enos, James* with Bruce Keith   Dynamics of Crop Yield in the Blue and White Nile Basins   Abstract Paper

Estrada, Weanne* with Nasim Sabounchi, Kristen Hassmiller Lich, Sevil Sonmez and Yorghos Apostolopoulos   Delineating Hispanic Immigrant Lodging Workers’ Allostatic Load Dynamics Through Systems Modeling   Abstract Supporting

Ezaki, Go* with Yutaka Takahashi   Insurance Claim Operations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Farkhondehmaal, Farshad* with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   The cyclic pattern of wildfire as an outcome of a coupled human-natural system   Abstract Supporting

Fazeli, Reza* with Fiona J. Beck and Matt Stocks   Dynamics of the transition to renewable hydrogen   Abstract Paper

Fiddaman, Tom*   Integrated Modeling for the Gulf of Mexico   Abstract  Link from authors

Fisher, Diana* with Emre Göktepe   Creating Assessment Questions for Systems Thinking Concepts   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Fowler, Patrick with Katherine Marcal*   Housing and public health responses to COVID-19: Modeling efficient national housing assistance to flatten the eviction curve   Abstract Supporting

Froese Buzogany, Raquel* with Birgit Kopainsky and Paulo Goncalves   Mapping Interactions Between Food Security and Poverty   Abstract Supporting

Gabe Yu, Jiangbo*   Capturing Discrete Choice and Deliberation Time Endogenously Using Sequential Sampling and Accumulation-to-Threshold Principles   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Gajary, Lisa* with Shalini Misra and Anand Desai   Developing Adaptive Logic Models for Planning and Evaluation of Convergence Research Programs   Abstract

Gajary, Lisa*   Hybridizing Agent-Based with System Dynamics Models: Principles for Theory Development in Public Policy and Management Research   Abstract

Gardner, Daniel*   The Case for Applying Systems Thinking to Global Supply Chain Management   Abstract  Link from authors

Gercek, Erda*   Sustainability EU Fisheries   Abstract

Gercek, Erda*   Applying System Dynamics To Ascertain Sustainability of Italian Football   Abstract

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid*   Model-based policy-making for containing COVID-19 in universities   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gilbert, Jessica*   Understanding the Role of Values-Based Institutional Food Procurement in Overcoming Barriers Experienced by Black Farmers   Abstract

Gillani, Braveheart with Sebastiaan Deuten*, Corne Du Plooy and Catherine Decouttere   Learning to survive & thrive with a little help from System Dynamics   Abstract  Link from authors

Gillani, Braveheart* with Andrew Brown and Sarah Pritchard   Developing reporting guidelines for community engagement in system dynamics projects on equity issues.   Abstract

Glucksman, Maurice* with Kim Warren   Localisation Modelling Youth Education to Drive Advocacy in Covid 19   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Gonzales Martínez, Rosa* with Micaela Chavez Durand, Jennifer Romina Paredes Cribilleros, Diana Lizeth Cruz Leon, Nayara Kei Brocca Tamashiro and Omar Hurtado    Mathematical Model to Explain the Spread Performance of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Peru   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gordon, Dan with David Andersen*, Ali Mashayekhi, Babak Bahaddin and Hyunjung Kim   A Story-Telling Approach for Communicating COVID-19 Dynamics to the Public: The Diaries During and After Lockdown Project   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Grace, William*   Resource dependency as the foundation of sustainability and resilience theory   Abstract Supporting

Green, Caroline* with Owen Molloy and Jim Duggan   The Benefits of System Dynamics Simulation for Sustainability Education   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Guzzo, Daniel* with Daniela Pigosso, Nuno Videira and Janaina Costa   Investigating Circular Economy transitions through a System Dynamics-based framework   Abstract  Link from authors

Haraldsson, Hördur with Daniel Bonin*   Combining Foresight and Systems Dynamics in the project - Scenarios for a Sustainable Europe 2050   Abstract Paper

Harich, Jack*   Adding a change resistance layer to integrated system models using root cause analysis and problem decomposition   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hassan, Kude*   A Diffusion Model with Applications to Broadband Internet.   Abstract Paper Supporting

Headen, Irene* with Mikayla Branz and Ellis Ballard   System Dynamics and Structural Racism: A Scoping Review   Abstract

Hidayat, Taufiq* and Fauzan Ahmad   The Effect of COVID-19 to Credit Risk and Bankruptcy Risk of State-Owned Bank in Indonesia: A System Dynamics Model   Abstract  Link from authors

Homer, Jack* with Kamal Henderson and Meredith Fort   A Model of Cardiovascular Disease Disparities with Illustrative Policy Analysis   Abstract Paper

Horvat, Andrijana* with Edien Rommens, Catherine DiGennaro, Els van Daalen, Pieternel Luning and Mohammad Jalali   A Model for Campylobacter Contamination in Chicken Meat Production Systems   Abstract Paper

Hosseinichimeh, Niyousha*   Application of System Dynamics to Map Causal Mechanisms of Drinking and Driving Behaviors Among Teens and Young Adults   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter* with Jean-Francois Trani, Ganesh Babulal, Nicholas Miller, Mary Kate Cartmill, Nicandro Mandujano Acevedo, Sandra Lee, William Liem and Braveheart Gillani   Impact of Racial Discrimination Across the Lifespan   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter* with Larissa Calancie, Melanie Houston and Christina Economos   Roundtable on Obesity Solutions Systems Mapping of Solutions   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter* with Gregory Brown and Heidi Gullett   Opportunities, Cautions, and Lessons in Humility: Possibilities for Advancing Racial Equity   Abstract

Ihara, Terukazu* with Nobuaki Minato   System dynamics analysis of carbon dioxide reduction strategies for an environmental-friendly factory   Abstract Supporting

Jittrapirom, Peraphan*   Building a shared understanding for carsharing concept using remote GMB workshops   Abstract Paper

Kaminskyi, Andrii* with Nataliia Versal and Oleksii Petrovskyi   Modelling the Dynamic of Consumer Lending System in the Banking Sector   Abstract Supporting

Kapmeier, Florian* with Jeroen Struben   Trust Dynamics During Early Alliance Operation: The Role of Partner Engagement   Abstract Paper Supporting

Karamalak, Ekin* with Elif Bayazıt   Modeling The Dynamics of Covid-19 And Alternative Policies in Turkey   Abstract Paper Supporting

Karanfil, Özge with Sema Çömez* and MohammadMahdi Hashemian   A Dynamic Simulator of Disorders of the Body Water Homeostasis for Medical Education   Abstract  Link from authors

Karanfil, Özge with Şanser Güz*, Orkun Irsoy and MohammadMahdi Hashemian   What is the Stakeholder Effect on Clinical Guideline Formation Process: An Experimental Study   Abstract Paper

Kazantsev, Nikolai* with Oleksii Petrovskyi   A dynamic model of nascent platform ecosystem in manufacturing   Abstract Supporting

Kazantsev, Nikolai* with Oleksii Petrovskyi   How to ramp-up a new product in demand shock: evidence from Ventilator Challenge UK   Abstract Supporting

Kelic, Andjelka*   Modeling for Real-World Decision Support, a History and Retrospective   Abstract

Khairulbahri, Muhamad*   Against the full lockdown: The COVID-19 flow in Sweden   Abstract Paper Supporting

Khoong, Wei Kit* with Bellam Sreenivasulu   Modelling the Growth of Solar Electricity Capacity in Singapore – A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kim, Hyunjung* with Rod MacDonald and Michael Deegan   Systems Tools for Supporting Strategic Decision Making at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers   Abstract

Kim, Hyunjung* with Ali Mashayekhi, Babak Bahaddin, Dan Gordon and David Andersen   Building a System Dynamics Curriculum for Communicating COVID-19 Dynamics to the Public: The Diaries During and After Lockdown   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Kirkpatrick, Lauren* with Allyson Beall King   Improving Public Perceptions on Water Resource Policies   Abstract

Klein, Joseph* with Dandan Kowarsch   Shipping Dynamics of an Emerging Arctic   Abstract Supporting

Kliem, Daniel* with Katrin Huegel and Birgit Kopainsky   Participative modeling in transitions –Uncovering emerging insights   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Kliem, Daniel*   Model-based Transition Management - Participative modeling for transitioning towards a circular construction material industry   Abstract

Kliem, Daniel* with Alexander Scheidegger and Alexander Scheidegger   Closing the mineral construction material cycle – An endogenous perspective on barriers in transition   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Kodali, Srinadh with Chris Flores-Lopez*, Benjamin Turner and Steven Chumbley   Despite modern advancements in cropping systems, why does herbicide resistance continue to outpace human innovation?   Abstract

Kowarsch, Dandan*   Homelessness and Housing First Policy: A Case Study of Los Angeles Homelessness   Abstract

Kruseman Aretz, Pepijn* with Floortje d'Hont   Reliability of drinking water supply in times of drought: exploring policy options for the Biesbosch, the Netherlands   Abstract

Langarudi, Saeed*   Is Velocity Stock or Flow? A Note on Model Formulation   Abstract Paper

Langarudi, Saeed* with Robert Sabie, Babak Bahaddin and Alexander Fernald   Does Produced Water Management Need Hybrid System Dynamics and Agent-Based Modeling?   Abstract Supporting

Langarudi, Saeed* with Carlos Silva and Alexander Fernald   Measurement versus Reporting: Levers to Improve Management of Commons   Abstract Paper

Larsson, Victor with Jefferson Rajah*   Getting to Zero: Transitioning Norway’s Oil Industry   Abstract Supporting

Leerapan, Borwornsom* with Rapeepong Suphanchaimat, Phanuwich Kaewkamjonchai, Wararat Jaichuen, Pard Teekasap, Vorasith Sornsrivichai, Pathomphorn Siraprapasiri, Kwanpracha Chiangchaisakulthai and Panithee Thammawijaya    Using System Dynamics Models as Policy Decision Support Tools for the COVID-19 Epidemic Control in Thailand   Abstract Supporting

Li, Tianyi* with Hazhir Rahmandad and John Sterman   Improving Parameter Estimation of Epidemic Models: Likelihood Functions and Kalman Filtering   Abstract Supporting

Li, Tianyi* with Rogelio Oliva   Structural Control Analysis of System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Li, Ying* with Ariel Robinson, Hong Cheng (Herman) Tay, Mohammadyousef Roghani and Kelly G Pennell   Simulating Fate and Transport of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) inside Sewer Systems   Abstract Supporting

Li, Zhijie* with Benjamin Sprecher   Towards a more Resilient Rare Earth Supply Chain with product recycling in the EU   Abstract

Lima, Victor*   On the competition for highly skilled workers in a scarcity-driven context   Abstract Paper Supporting

Liu, NingYuan* with Hesam Mahmoudi   A Multidimensional Comprehension Index of Systems Thinking   Abstract Paper

Loo, Pei Shan* with Kathelijne Bax   Policy in Respond to COVID-19 School Closure Learning Loss among Primary School Students in the Netherlands   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Loo, Pei Shan*   Antivax Movement Under Impact of COVID 19   Abstract  Link from authors

Lope, Elizabeth with Dennis Miranda and Walter Aliaga*   Dynamic model of the interest rate cap in Peru   Abstract

Lubyansky, Alexander*   The Tensor Approach to Enterprise Asset Management with a Root Cause Analysis Model   Abstract Paper

Luijben, Guus*   Community-based system dynamics for shifting diets for a sustainable food future   Abstract

Luis Lopez, Jose with James Paine*   The Evolution of Trust in Supply Chains: A Feedback Approach   Abstract Supporting

Macal, Charles*   Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Epidemiological Modeling on Speed Dial   Abstract

Mahmoudi, Hesam* with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   What causes disagreement among physicians? Dynamics of customers’ perception and physicians’ experiential learning   Abstract Paper

Martin, Donald*   Applying Community Based System Dynamics (CBSD) during the Product Development Process to Foster ML Fairness and Ethical AI   Abstract Supporting

Mashayekhi, Ali with David Andersen, Dan Gordon, Babak Bahaddin* and Hyunjung Kim   Technical Details of a Model for Communicating COVID-19 Dynamics: The Diaries During and After Lockdown Project   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Mashhadi, Zahra*   Can Germany Move Towards 100% Renewable Electricity Without Major Problems?   Abstract Paper

Mathur, Mihir* with Kabir Sharma   Identifying Climate Adjacency using Participatory Systems Thinking   Abstract  Link from authors

Matsumoto, Rachel* with William Liem, Ellen O'Neill, Hannah Levin and Saras Chung   Sustainability of Learning & Applying System Dynamics and Systems Thinking   Abstract

Maurer, Julie*   A System Dynamic Modeling Approach to addressing the Surgical Workforce Crisis   Abstract

Mazzucca, Stephanie* with Sarah Pritchard   Using Group Model Building to Understand Different Visions and Goals of Implementing Community Gardens in Rural Missouri   Abstract Supporting

McRoberts, Keenan*, Besir Suleyman Oz and Birgit Kopainsky   What Constrains ‘Identity-Preserved’ Product Growth? An Exploration of High-Oleic Soybean Oil with Group Model Building   Abstract Supporting

Medaries, Amanda* with Melissa Wuellner   Understanding Conflicts in Natural Resources Management: Using the American Prairie Reserve and their Local Communities   Abstract

Metcalf, Sara* with Qiuyi Zhang and Harvey Palmer   A Dynamic Model of the Distributional Consequences of International Trade Exposure   Abstract

Metic, Julija*   Could System Dynamics be a solution for analysing rebound effects of Circular Economy initiatives?   Abstract  Link from authors

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi* with Saeed Langarudi and Birgit Kopainsky   Modeling the Tragedy of the Commons: Review of System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Farboud Khatami*   A System Dynamics Model to Design a More Effective Education System   Abstract Paper

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Wang Zhao*   How Does Fee-for-Service Payment System Affect Healthcare Expenditures?   Abstract

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi* with Ehsan Tavakoli Nabavi   Using System Dynamics to Scrutinize Behavioral Feedback Loops in Groundwater Management   Abstract

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Farboud Khatami*   Why Achieving a Sustainable Transportation System Seems Impossible for Tehran   Abstract Paper

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Khadijeh Salimi*   A System Dynamics Model to Scrutinize Underlying Reasons for Poor Prescription Adherence (Case Study: Antibiotic Consumption)   Abstract Paper

Monus, Paul* with William Ryder   Changing Minds about the Reliability of Renewables   Abstract

Moradi, Amir*   COVID-19 Pandemic, Adopted Policies, and Side Effects of Social Distancing on Global Economy and International Finance   Abstract Paper

Moradkhani, Nafe* with Frederick Benaben, Benoit Montreuil, Dima Nazzal, Matthieu Lauras, Julien Jeany and Louis Faugere   Parametrized SEIR model for performance-based decision support: A case study of COVID-19 epidemic in the state of Georgia (USA)   Abstract Supporting

Mumtaz, Nabeela* with Jim Duggan   Exploring the Impact of Vaccine Confidence on the Transmission of Infectious Disease   Abstract Paper Supporting

Nachtrieb, Robert* with Tom Fiddaman, Ron Suiter, Thomas Erickson and Scott Johnson   Know Noise: Realistic Random Processes for Simulations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Najafabadi, Mahdi* with Ali Asgary, Mohammadali Tofighi, Mohammad Shafiee and Philip Ma   A Two-Stage Hybrid Simulation Method to Model Disease Transmission through Calculating a Contacts Matrix: The Case of an ICU   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Neumann, Kai*   The nexus of international policies for climate protection and resource efficiency – the future needs to be shaped   Abstract Paper

Nicholson, Charles*   Assessing the Impacts Interventions on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Urban Kenya Using Participatory Systems Modeling   Abstract Paper Supporting

Nicolaidis Lindqvist, Andreas*   Simulations based on the Rasch model – a rigorous approach to modeling latent traits and human behavior?   Abstract

Nicolaidis Lindqvist, Andreas*   On the combined effects of socio-hydrology and climate change on water resources management – a case study   Abstract Paper

Niles, Rebecca* with Kristina Wile and Gary Hirsch   Exploring the Intersection of Incarceration and Health   Abstract

Niño Giraldo, Nathalia* with Igor Czermainski de Oliveira   Adaptation of a System Dynamics generic structure applied in resilience studies in Latin-America   Abstract

Noyes, Will*   Dynamic effects of COVID-19 on Human Behavior and Decision Making   Abstract

Noyes, Will* with Faith Chelagat Kiprono and Min Xiang   A System Dynamics Approach for Analysis of the Impacts of Bergen' Green Strategy Goal T9   Abstract Supporting

nwankwo, nkechiwetalu* with Titus Olaniyi and Abiodun Suleiman Momodu   Integrated Electricity Planning Pathway - Achieving Nationally Determined Contribution of Oil Rich Sub Saharan Africa   Abstract

Odoemena, Kelechi with Thomas Wittig*   Chicken and Egg - A Flight Simulator for Small-Scale Poultry Farm (SSPF) Management Optimization   Abstract Supporting

Oliva, Antoni*   Addressing the challenges of rural areas in Europe (PoliRural)   Abstract

Oliver, Carrie* with Sashoy Patterson   Institutionalizing knowledge in a rapidly growing organization   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Ono, Takuma* with Ivan Taylor   A Systems Dynamics Approach to Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Opp, Tyler* with Allyson Beall King   Our Gem or Toxic Soup: Mitigating Toxic Metal Release Resulting From Biogeochemical Processes   Abstract

Ozik, Jonathan*   Integrating Simulation, Machine Learning and High-performance Computing with EMEWS   Abstract  Link from authors

Paine, James*   Dynamic Supply Chains with Endogenous Allocation   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick*   The Effect of Trust in the containment of Covid-19 in Colombia   Abstract Paper

Parra, Juan Felipe* with Santiago Arango and Yris Olaya   Model for scenario analysis in the inclusion of non-conventional renewable resources in the Colombian energy matrix.   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Pasqualino, Roberto* with Melissa Demartini and Faezeh Baagheri   A business transition model for sustainability-oriented industrial innovation, inequality, and inflation   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Pavlov, Oleg* with Evangelos Katsamakas   The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Colleges: A Stress Test Approach   Abstract Paper

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Paola Garcia Vazquez*, Sandra Vazquez Guerra and Daniela Videa Martinez   It Is Not My Fault   Abstract

Perl, Ivan* with Aleksandr Penskoi and Olga Perl and Sheetal Garg   Optimization of Virtual Machines Placement in Large Datacenters   Abstract

Peters, Simone with Inge Bleijenbergh*   No food to waste: the dynamic processes that explain food waste in the Netherlands   Abstract

Peterson, Sara*   Pathways towards Community Resilience: Social Capital and Experience Mitigating the Impacts of Infrastructure Disruptions   Abstract

Picanco Rodrigues, Vinicius*   Does your strategy withstand the test of time? A dynamic theory-based view of strategy   Abstract

Piepenbrock, Garry*   Toward a Theory of the Evolution of the Global Political Economy: Competition between Liberal and Coordinated Market Economies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pluchinotta, Irene* with Giuseppe Salvia and Nici Zimmermann   Comparing Causal Loop Diagrams: thematic analysis to elicit differences in system boundary perceptions   Abstract Paper

Pratap, Bhanu* with Krishna Mohan Thazhathu Valiyaveettil, R K Amit and Shankar Venugopal   Modeling the performance and cost dynamics of Lithium-ion Battery for Mobility   Abstract Paper Supporting

Prince, Dana* with Meagan Ray-Novak, Braveheart Gillani and Emily Peterson   Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Foster Care Model Based On Minority Stress Theory   Abstract

Pritchard, Sarah* with Lucy Puckett and Andrew Brown   The Terrible Bargain: Gendered Trust Disparities, Intimate Sexism & Male Accountability in Ostensibly Caring Relationships   Abstract  Link from authors

Purvis, Ben*   Modelling global futures: a comparison of ‘Limits to Growth’ and the use of Integrated Assessment Models in climate science   Abstract

Qian, Ying*   Investigating the effectiveness of reopening policies before vaccination during a pandemic   Abstract

Qorbani, Davood*   Sector coupling in the transition to renewable energies: Where do households stand?   Abstract

Qorbani, Davood* with Emil Dimanchev and Magnus Korpås   Implications of delays in fleet turnover policy implementations   Abstract

Qureshi, Rameez* with David Ford and Chuck Wolf   Dynamic Resourcing Strategies for Community Disaster Recovery   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Tse Yang Lim*   Risk-driven responses to COVID-19 eliminate the tradeoff between lives and livelihoods   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Rahmandad, Hazhir* with Tse Yang Lim and John Sterman   Behavioral dynamics of COVID-19: estimating under-reporting, multiple waves, and adherence fatigue across 92 nations   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Rajah, Jefferson*   Where Has the Passion Gone? The Dynamics of Non-Profit Workers’ Passion Burnout and Intention to Leave   Abstract Paper Supporting

Randers, Jorgen*   The Randers Macro Model of a modern capitalist economy with an active state. Main causal structure and base run.   Abstract

Rashidian, Mahla* with Billy Schoenberg   Effectiveness of SD/ILE (System Dynamics base Interactive Learning Environment) as an interdisciplinary educational tool   Abstract Supporting

Raworth, Kate *   Doughnut Economics   Abstract

Reck, Raquel*   Organizational Learning from Production Control Data: unraveling tacit knowledge   Abstract

Redivo, Fernando*   Modeling household level food security with system dynamics: from crop decisions to food availability   Abstract  Link from authors

Regine Mingnon Negro, Pia* with Bernd Kaltenhäuser, Heidrun Belzner and Klaus Bogenberger   System Analysis and Evaluation of Ride-Hailing from Different Business Perspectives   Abstract

Rieder, Erica*   The Challenge of Managing Wild Horses in the United States    Abstract

Rios, Juan* with Shayne Gary   Using Analytical Equations to Represent Nonlinear Relationships   Abstract Paper

Roche, Abigail* with Peter Hovmand, David Lounsbury, Paola Saroufim, Timothy Ciesielski, Owusua Yamoah, William Bush and Darcy Freedman   Standardizing Data for Evidence-Based Food Systems   Abstract

Rockx, Michiel* with Floortje d'Hont   Effects of drought on the inland shipping sector: a system dynamics study of river transport on the Dutch Rhine   Abstract Supporting

Roggio, April*   Revisiting the 1976 Vermont dairy model, a historical retrospective: what can we learn?   Abstract Supporting

Roggio, April*   Regional food systems infrastructure: what are the beneficial tipping points?   Abstract

Roman, Sabin*   Peak oil and the minimum EROI for society   Abstract

Romanenko, Eduard*   Low Carbon Futures with Carbon Capture and Storage: Interactions between Technology-Push Policies and Market Mechanisms   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rooney-Varga, Juliette* with Margaret Hensel, Carolyn McCarthy, Karen McNeal, Nicole Norfles, Kenneth Rath, Audrey Schnell and John Sterman   Building consensus for ambitious climate action: The World Climate simulation shifts climate change beliefs and values   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Roy, Michael* with Georgia Mavrommati   Sea Level Rise and a Species Range Expansion Drive New England Salt Marsh Human and Natural System Feedbacks   Abstract Supporting

Russell, Adam*   Using simulations as test beds for social science research methods through DARPA’s Ground Truth Program   Abstract

Ryzhenkov, Alexander*   A Transformation of the Growth Cycle into the Industrial Cycle in a Four-Dimensional Goodwinian Model with Leontiev Technology   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sabounchi, Nasim* with Mahdi Najafabadi, David Lounsbury and Terry Huang   Structural and Behavioral Validation of a Simulation Model to Inform Community Strategies that Reduce Opioid Overdose Fatality   Abstract

Saeed, Khalid*   Representing feedback in a computable stock/flow model   Abstract Paper

Salimi, Khadijeh*   The Impact of Violating Behavior on Emergence of a New Norm   Abstract Supporting

Sampaio, Adilson with Paulo Figueiredo, Elisabeth Loiola, Luciano M C Doria and Renelson Sampaio*   A Small and Highly Stylized Model of Corruption in the Brazilian Public Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sandoval, Mark*   The bank breakeven point, as a dynamic liquidity neutral that, considers the business model and external impacts such as covid-   Abstract Supporting

SARAF, NANDITA* with Yogendra Shastri   Development of Decision making tool for Sustainable Technologies transition in Indian Transport sector   Abstract Paper

Schoenberg, Billy* with Jeremy Swartz   Building More Robust System Dynamics Models Through Validation   Abstract Paper

Schoenberg, Billy* with John Hayward and Bob Eberlein   Improving Loops that Matter   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schünemann, Christoph* with Anastasiia Sidorova, Christina Gkini and Birgit Kopainsky   Using system dynamics modelling to analyse the interplay of policies and societal motivation for promoting energetic renovation   Abstract Paper

Severson, Mike*   Evaluating the economics and carbon footprint of recycling flexible plastic packaging   Abstract

Shamsuddoha, Mohammad*   Integrating Circular Economy and Reverse Logistics for Sustainable Dairy Operation   Abstract

Shamsuddoha, Mohammad*   A simulation study of a large farm validating sustainable practices   Abstract

Shari, Babajide* with Olusegun Stanley Tomomewo, Hafiz Bello and Michael Mann   The dynamics of feed-in tariff as a financial policy tool for sustainable Solar Photovoltaic generation in west Africa, Nigeria   Abstract Supporting

Sharma, Sudesh* with Suzanne Manning   Waste minimisation program theory for Aotearoa New Zealand: system insights from a realist review   Abstract

Sharma, Sudesh with Suzanne Manning*   Combining systemic analysis with realist review: Collaborative sense-making of waste minimisation program theory in Aotearoa   Abstract

Sheikhnureldin, Abdulrahim* with Joshua Stadlan, Jenine Patterson and Chris Glazner   Resilient Communities: Achieving and Sustaining Equitable Communities Through Systems Modeling   Abstract

Shen, Wuzhi* with Tone Wisnes   Implementation of carbon reduced cement manufacturing - A concrete example   Abstract Supporting



Šimkus, Vytenis* with David Wheat   Effectiveness of Interest rate policy in Stimulating Household Consumption   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Singh, Sarojkant*   Complexity Handling with System Dynamics and effect of human factors on value creation- Case study of a diversified company   Abstract

Smets, Laurent* with Catherine Decouttere and Nico Vandaele   The Impact of Vaccine R&D Decisions on Neglected Tropical Disease Prevention in Kenya   Abstract

Smith, Niamh* with sebastien Chastin   DISCOVER: A systems-based approach for co-creation (work in progress)   Abstract

Smith, Raymond* with Kristen Hassmiller Lich and Elizabeth La   Leveraging SD to study and strengthen acute crisis mental health service systems as systems   Abstract

Soerup, Christian with Daniel Sepulveda Estay*   A system dynamics analysis about the relationship between ventilation and the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini*   COVID-19 Impacts on Energy Availability in an Electricity Utility   Abstract Supporting

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini with Andries Botha*   Electricity Generating Plant Capacity Allocation Based on Alternative Priority Settings   Abstract

Staempfli, Adrian* with Alexander Scheidegger   Psychosocial Risks in Labor – How Occupational Workloads, Life Situations, and Coping Strategies Interact   Abstract

Stanislao Atzori, Alberto* with Büsra Atamer Balkan and Antonio Gallo   HERDAIRY MODEL: MAPPING DYNAMICS OF DAIRY FARMS TO SUPPORT HERD MANAGEMENT   Abstract

Streiffer, Stephen*   The Role of Modeling in the National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory (NVBL)   Abstract

Stringfellow, Erin* with Tse Yang Lim, Celia Stafford, Catherine DiGennaro, Jack Homer and Wayne Wakeland, Mohammad Jalali   Reducing Opioid Use Disorder and Overdose in the United States: Policy Analysis   Abstract Supporting

Suleyman Oz, Besir*   The Issue of Space Debris: Preventing Tragedy in Low Earth Orbit   Abstract Supporting

Sánchez-Zeziaga, Ane*   Building Bridges between Science and Practitioners in SHRM: a System Dynamic approach   Abstract

Tan, Ryan* with Navarun Varma, Robert Wasson and Shukla Archarjee   System dynamics across three scales of Brahmaputra River Basin- Exploring a Himalayan social-hydrological system   Abstract Supporting

Tang, Christine* with Saeed Langarudi and Raafat Zaini   On Reference Modes: Lessons from Quantifying Intangibles from Survey Data   Abstract Supporting

Taylor, Ivan with Stan Isbrandt, Eliot Rich* and Mia Vogel   A Model to Assist Leaders Increase Diversity in their Organizations   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Taylor, Ivan* with Muhammad Aman Ullah and Mark Sandoval   Institutional Change to Control Corruption: Moving from Econometrics to System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Taylor, Ivan with Francisco Araujo*   Using System Dynamics to Examine Alternative Futures for the Syrian Refugee Crisis   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Tilebein, Meike* with Jan Wunderlich and Ralf Tenberg   Using Archetypes to Teach Systems Thinking in an Engineering Master’s Course   Abstract Paper

Tiongco, Monique Ann* with Charlotte Kendra Gotangco and Maria Assunta Cuyegkeng   Exploring the interdependencies of entrepreneurial ecosystems using feedback-guided analysis for social enterprise resilience   Abstract  Link from authors

Toba, Ange Lionel*   Software Interface Between Systems Dynamics and Data Science   Abstract

Toh, Chin Howe* with Bellam Sreenivasulu   Modelling the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Supporting

Toh, Emma Min Shuen* with Wei-Yan Aloysius Chia and John Ansah   Mapping the Dynamic Complexity of Social Isolation among Older Adults in Singapore   Abstract Paper

Torres, Juan Pablo*   System Dynamics Review and publications 1985–2021   Abstract

Uno, Kensuke* with Yoshiaki Oida, Isaac Okada, Yutaka Takahashi and Kazuo Hiekata   Proposal of a Method to Verify a Stock Flow Diagram Using Stakeholder Value Network   Abstract

Vaishnav, Chintan with Shalander Kumar* and ABHISHEK DAS   Nutritional Dilemma: Why Don’t We Produce As Much Sorghum As We Desire to Consume? What Can We Do About That?   Abstract Supporting

Valencia-Hernandez, Veronica with Santiago Arango*   Electric motorcycles, keys to electric mobility in Colombia   Abstract Paper Supporting

van Keeken, Marieke* with Martin Breda Grimeland   Overfishing the Chopperbut; A hypothetical case for policy implementation modelling   Abstract Supporting

Veress, Jozsef*   Self-organizing as Source of the Civil Society’s Transformational Dynamism in context of emerging Anthropocene   Abstract  Link from authors

Villasenor, Roberto*   The many faces of water management: The case of Mexico City Valley   Abstract

Volan, Tainara with Caroline Rodrigues Vaz, Mauricio Uriona Maldonado* and Peter Erskine Wells   Automotive battery packs at the crossroads: modelling the impact of second life choices   Abstract

Volken, Sandra* with Patrick Bottazzi and Birgit Kopainsky   Explaining the complex drivers of land abandonment of horticultural family farms in Senegal   Abstract Paper

Vora, Shuchi with Om Damani* and Sushmita Mandal   Causal Loop Diagrams for Facilitating Transdisciplinary Research in social-ecological systems   Abstract

Voyer, John*   Housing Finance: A Vestige of Systemic Racism?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Warren, Kim*   Modelling demand for mental-health services and capacity to treat that demand   Abstract Paper

Werner, Kelsey* with Ellis Ballard, Pratiti Priyadarshini, Byron J. Powell, Gautam Yadama and Peter Hovmand   Group Model Building Scripts for Selecting and Tailoring Implementation Strategies   Abstract

Wheat, David* with Alex Kononets, Diana Hutsul, Viktoriia Nazarenko, Maryna Paletska, Oleksii Petrovskyi, Viktoriia Surovets and Daria Yermolova   Dynamic Planning Model for Donetsk and Luhansk   Abstract  Link from authors

Wile, Kristina*   A Synthesized Analysis of the Effects of Institutional Bias in the US   Abstract

Wiman, Henri*   Scenarios of bio-based plastics growth and impact   Abstract

Xiang, Min*   Population Ageing in China   Abstract

Xu, Ran with Hazhir Rahmandad and Navid Ghaffarzadegan and Mohammad Jalali*   Estimation of Weather Effect on SARS-CoV-2 Transmission: Methodological Considerations   Abstract Supporting

Yamaguchi, Kaoru* with Yokei Yamaguchi   ASD Macroeconomic Model of Japan on the Flow of Funds and National Accounts - Work-in-Progress Report on the Small Version -   Abstract

Yamashita, Takayuki*   Tourism Industry during a Pandemic   Abstract Paper

Yang Lim, Tse* with Erin Stringfellow, Celia Stafford, Catherine DiGennaro, Jack Homer, Wayne Wakeland and Lukas Glos, Reza Kazemi-Tabriz, Mohammad Jalali   Reducing Opioid Use Disorder and Overdose in the United States: Model Development and Estimation   Abstract Supporting

Yilmaz, Nilay with Ulkem Yararbas*, Hasret Nuhoglu and Emre Göktepe   A System Thinking Assessment Scale for Storybooks (STASS)   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

You, Soojin*   Analysis of decision-making factors for youth migration to rural areas using big data   Abstract

Zaini, Raafat* with Kenneth Cooper   Simulating the immune system response to Covid 19: Why cytokine storms develop, and how to prevent this fatal condition   Abstract

Zeijlemaker, Sander*   The application of Farmers, Bandits and Soldier Model in the age of Digital Transformation   Abstract

Zeijlemaker, Sander*   The lifecycle of zero-day vulnerabilities; knowledge driven escalation between attacker and defender   Abstract Paper

Zeijlemaker, Sander* with Michael von Kutzschenbach   Supply and Service Chain Dynamics in a Digital Age: Going beyond the traditional usage of honeypot data   Abstract

Zimmermann, Nici* with Irene Pluchinotta and Giuseppe Salvia   Communication dynamics in an online group model building workshop   Abstract

Zolfaghari, Mahshid* with Nanna Lien and Biljana Meshkovska   Applying a system dynamics lens to understand the mechanisms of the European School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme    Abstract Paper


Bean, Michael*   Publish Your Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter   Abstract

Benson, Tracy* with Sheri Marlin and Jeff Heil   Virtual Methods for Developing Systems Thinkers across Generations, Work Groups and Geographies   Abstract

Chichakly, Karim* with Bob Eberlein, Billy Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Getting Started with Stella   Abstract

Davie, Sarah* with Bob Eberlein, Billy Schoenberg and Karim Chichakly   Making your Interfaces do Great Things with Stella Architect   Abstract

Eberlein, Bob* with Billy Schoenberg, Sarah Davie and Karim Chichakly   Different approaches to COVID Modeling with Stella   Abstract

Fiddaman, Tom* with Anthony Kennedy   Calibration in Vensim   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Tom* with Larry Yeager   Advanced Ventity - Actions, Relationships & Data   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Tom* with Anthony Kennedy   Introduction to Vensim and the New Interface   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Tom* with Larry Yeager   Getting Started with Ventity   Abstract  Link from authors

Fisher, Diana*   Teaching Students to Create Original Models in a Ten-Week Course   Abstract  Link from authors

FRACASSI, EDUARDO with Florian Kapmeier*, Carolyn McCarthy, Juliette Rooney-Varga and Nici Zimmermann   Climate Action Simulation and En-ROADS Training   Abstract

Kuijer, Michel with Arjen Ros*, Egbert Roos and Michel Kuijer   From Problem Oriented to System Oriented Modelling   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard*   Starting from scratch: Better model construction   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard* with Jake Jacobson   Building applications or flight simulators in Powersim Studio   Abstract Supporting

Malczynski, Leonard* with Jake Jacobson   Feedback rich model construction with Powersim Studio   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard* with Jake Jacobson   Optimization, sensitivity, and user defined functions in Powersim Studio   Abstract Supporting

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio*   SDM-Doc: The System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool   Abstract  Link from authors

Moxnes, Erling* with Ali Saysel, Pal Davidsen, Birgit Kopainsky, Nuno Videira, Paulo Goncalves, Andra Blumberga and Etiënne Rouwette   System Dynamics MOOCs for sustainability transformation   Abstract

Schoenberg, Billy* with Bob Eberlein, Karim Chichakly and Sarah Davie   Using Loops that Matter to Learn About and Teach System Dynamics   Abstract

Sterman, John with Michael Bean*   Learn to Use and Facilitate the Online Version of the MIT Beer Game   Abstract

Werner, Kelsey* with Ellis Ballard and Birgit Kopainsky   Approaches to Designing Community-Based Modeling Projects   Abstract

Wheat, David* with Marianna Oliskevych and Alina Novik   Get Started with Macro Modeling   Abstract Supporting

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