Abstract for: System dynamics analysis of carbon dioxide reduction strategies for an environmental-friendly factory

Owing to growing environmental awareness, manufacturing companies are not only adopting renewable energy but also innovating technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. A technical system that can directly capture CO2 emissions, known as carbon capture storage (CCS) technology, has shown promise for reducing the emissions. This study aimed to investigate CO2 reduction technologies that could be used in the future and quantitatively evaluate the effects and costs of introducing these technologies through system dynamics simulations. The simulation results for the evaluation of CCS, photovoltaic power (PV), and biomass heat utilization technology show that the advancement of CCS technology can reduce the cost to 14,000 yen/t-CO2 in 30 years, whereas PV technology of the cost is 15,000 yen/t-CO2. This model can guide the long-term decision-making pertaining to efficient CO2 reduction technologies for environmental-friendly factories by evaluating the system-wide impact in terms of costs and emissions.