Abstract for: Overfishing the Chopperbut; A hypothetical case for policy implementation modelling

An increasing harvesting rate of chopperbut, a hypothetical species, has put the survival of the species in question. Extinction of the chopperbut would be devastating for the local community that harvests it – economically and socially. A policy of lowering the total harvesting quota is proposed to remedy the issue. Frequent measurement of the chopperbut stock and surveillance of the fishing activity is proposed as part of the policy. Major obstacles related to authorisation, funding and resources need be addressed to have responsive, effective decision making and avoid non-compliance. Action needs to be taken within the coming two years (by 2024). Waiting longer risks the extinction of the chopperbut. Other detrimental consequences may come of underfunding, delays in training time and equipment delivery, and potential opposition to a proposed quota. These factors are predicted to have oscillatory effects on the chopperbut stock. A desired, yet realistic outcome sees the policy implemented in 2022, delays kept to a reasonable minimum and 90% of the desired budget granted or more. If secured, these factors would dampen the oscillations, and create more predictable economic conditions for the fisheries, their employees and the wider community.